If you’re working towards an ideal weight goal, want to feel more active or are simply looking for a healthier lifestyle, then this workout video by future 2021 Olympian Damon O’Neill could be for you.

An at home workout routine could be what you need!

Nearly a year into life after COVID and various lockdowns, it’s more important than ever to find a release for the anxiety and pent-up frustrations that many of us are feeling. In addition to improving fitness, muscle strength and endurance, regular physical exercise can work wonders for your mental health too, due to the release of endorphins, a chemical in the brain that is responsible for relieving stress or pain.

However, keeping fit, healthy and in shape during a national lockdown is not easy! The closure of gyms and restrictions on where and how we can get our daily exercise can be discouraging. If a daily walk isn’t enough stimulation or you can’t get into the swing of jogging round your neighbourhood, an at home workout routine could be the perfect solution.

Amateur boxing champion Damon O’Neill, a future 2021 Olympian, took some time out of his regular training regime to put together this exclusive exercise video for Melan Magazine readers.

The workouts, which can be performed at home, features high intensity body weight exercises (so no need for dumbbells or extra equipment) and requires a small amount of space.

Damon’s exercise video is eight minutes long with eight exercises, thirty seconds on and thirty seconds off. Read the summary below before watching the video below. We’ve tried it and it really is eight minutes well spent toward building your strength, endurance and feeling good, both mind and body.

Damon’s Eight Minute Workout

Amateur boxing champion Damon O’Neill, a future 2021 Olympian
Image credit: Damon O’Neill

Mountain climbers

Pop your exercise mat down and get into a high plank position. Lift each leg, one at a time into your stomach and begin your mountain climbs. This is a great exercise to ramp up your heart rate and works both your upper and lower body.

Double Crunch

This one is going to burn! If you’re looking to get rid of that stubborn tummy fat or are looking to tone up those abs, crunches are a great place to start. Lay on your back, keep your arms by your side, and prop your head up so your shoulders are off the mat (place head on the mat for an easier alternative), lift your legs off the ground and bring them towards you and begin to crunch. Remember to engage your core, you should feel your ab muscles contracting.

Half sit up

Another ab burner! Lay on your back with your knees bent. Lift your body up towards your knees, but only half-way, and keep your feet on the floor. Place your hands on your knees. Remember to engage your core, pull your abs in and keep them firm and taut throughout the exercise.

Standard Crunch

Similar to the previous crunch (above). Place your hands on the back of your head, flexed outward and keep your knees in a bent position. Lift your head and shoulders up off the mat with the main focus on your abdominal area, contracting your stomach as you lift up.


This is great for the muscles in your arms, back and also works out your core muscles. Get into a plank position and push up and back down. If a full push-up is a bit hard for you, push-up on your knees for an easier alternative. Damon demonstrates both in his video.


This exercise is an all-rounder and will work all of your muscles and will do a good job of increasing your heart rate. Get into a low plank position, return to a standing position, jump and repeat. You can build up to the jump if it’s too difficult to include at first.

High knees

Get your heart racing with high knees. This exercise engages your core and works out the muscles in your legs. Place your hands on your head or by your side (whichever is easier) and bring your knees up high into your stomach.

Jump twists

Finally, jump up, twist to the side and touch the floor. This is another good exercise for toning your legs and abs. Again, if you can’t include the jump, you can leave it out as the exercise is still just as effective; especially if you are just starting to work out.

Watch Damon’s Eight-minute Workout video below:

Damon O’Neill is a southpaw amateur international boxing champion from Reading, Berkshire. He is unbeaten in the past three English national champions. The successful boxer has twenty-four victories out of twenty-five fights and has won three cups in Mexico, a boxing competition in Los Angeles and an international fight in Spain. The young boxer now has hopes of winning gold at the 2021 Olympics, where he will be representing Jamaica.

Nicole Hemming contributed to this article.

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