March Muses, the British Black-owned decoration brand that’s on a mission to make everyone feel included and seen during festive and celebratory occasions.

Founders of March Muses
Founders of March Muses, Alison Burton and Natalie Duvall with their merchandise

“Mummy, why do none of the Christmas decorations look like me?” Little did founders of March Muses, Alison Burton and Natalie Duvall, who are both working mothers, know that this question, from one of their daughters, would be the catalyst that would spur them on to create their popular and inclusive decorations brand.

Both Burton and Duvall were born in the month of March and the word ‘muse’ means to be inspired, so this season, the range includes very special angels named after a Black person who has inspired them and who also shares a March birthday. These include singers – Nat “King” Cole, Mariah Carey, Chaka Khan, Diana Ross, Sarah Vaughan, Harry Belafonte, and Aretha Franklin, world athletes – Tessa Sanderson, Simone Biles, and Mo Farah, author – Andrea Levy, actor – John Boyega, and Natalie’s daughter – Olivia.

March Muses Christmas decorations
March Muses

Today, March Muses is stocked in some of the world’s biggest stores including Liberty and Selfridges and have the backing of two Dragon’s Den investors. Not bad for two working mothers who simply wanted to create the change they wanted to see for their daughters.


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At the heart of their brand, is the belief that homes, and spaces should reflect the world we live in to be more authentically. Diverse ethnic representation should not only gain presence on our televisions, books, and toys, but also progressively mirrored across our celebration decoration.

Festive holidays, usually a time where families and friends come together, can appear particularly white – think of most greeting cards, sparkling Santa baubles, and feathered Christmas angels, all quietly promoting an unspoken racism. By doing their bit to level the playing field in the world of Christmas decorations, the founders hope to start conversations of understanding and positive experiences amongst all communities.

Founders of March Muses, Alison Burton and Natalie Duvall and their families

Speaking on this, Alison Burton, co-founder of March Muses, said: “We want these images to be normal and not a novelty. As our daily lives become more diverse at home, at school and at work, it’s important that we discuss diversity with our children, families, and friends to help create change and understanding. Our decorations can help to facilitate those discussions.”

March Musses has expanded their diverse celebratory decorations to include Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, weddings, christenings and birthday products.

Proving that their brand makes sound business sense too, not one, but two Dragon’s Den investors, Deborah Meaden and Peter Jones, are supporting March Muses.

Founders of March Muses
Founders of March Muses, Alison Burton and Natalie Duvall on Dragon’s Den

Deborah Meaden spoke to us about why she invested in March Muses. She said: “Alison and Natalie are both very capable and impressive and they raised an important point with their Christmas Decoration collection. It was one which resonated with me and one I believe would resonate with many people, opening up a new approach to a very traditional market.

“They are also open to working towards finding alternative materials to improve their sustainability. I’m very pleased to say sales are already booming and the product range has widely expanded.”

March Muses decorations start from just £10 and are available to buy at Selfridges, Liberty, and online here.

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