It’s the start of a fresh new year and we hope you’re in the mindset to smash all of your 2020 goals. However, a wise person once said, “Sometimes you have to look back to move forward”, which is why we are reflecting on the most inspirational quotes from some of our amazing interviewees in 2019 to give us a little push in the right direction.

The end of the year and the start of a new one is a great time to reflect on the lessons, wins, losses, love, joy, sorrow, challenges, humour, joy and everything else one has experienced in the last 12 months. Many of you may have started (and abruptly ended) new resolutions, planning and updating a business plan, getting ready to find love, committing to healthier habits or finding a new hobby. Whatever it is, positive affirmations and inspirational quotes go a long way to helping us get to where we need to be.

We’ve rounded up the best quotes from Melan Magazine in 2019 that will bring you the inspiration you need for 2020!

On Self- Belief

There’s no time like the present to believe in yourself. But if you need some extra words of encouragement, we’ve got you covered!

successful immigrant women
Chinwe Esimai by Demato Productions

“Tap into your unique advantages without apology. And believe that yes, you really can do it!”

Chinwe Esimai, Corporate Powerhouse


“I’m here to push the boundaries of a woman’s place (in music).”

Ebony Bones (Singer/Songwriter, actress)

Ebony Bones
Ebony Bones (Image credit: Holly Revell)

On Sisterhood

There is so much power when women come together in sisterhood, women supporting women is the real key to success. Taraji Henson agrees and offers these words…

“Find you a group of women that are going through the same thing. Talk and laugh about it… if you sit on that toilet and you don’t flush that shit, it’s going to consume you.”



On Overcoming Challenges

Life will always throw challenges your way. If you ever find yourself needing some words of wisdom to help you overcome a challenge, let Lola Shoneyin’s (Author & Founder of Ake Festival) words inspire you.

Book review: The Secret Lives of Baba Segi's Wives by Lola Shoneyin
Lola Shoneyin

 “Master quickly how to turn the misfortunes into blessings. When there is a problem with a link in the chain you have to be able to think on your feet and solve the problem.”


This year we enjoyed speaking to Tiffany King (Veteran Theatre Director) who reminded us that perspective is key to overcome challenges.

“I have never seen a closed door as a closed door. I always try to find an opportunity to make something happen.”

On having Confidence

Whatever your main goals or ambitions are for 2020. One thing that will be a key ingredient in turning your hopes and dreams into reality is confidence!

“Remind yourself that you deserve to be there and be confident in your own experience and judgement. This will radiate outwards and affect how others see you. If you’re in a situation where you find you have special insight into a problem, and nobody in the room is saying what you think should be said, silence your inner critic and go for it!”

Titi Omole, Founder of TruLittle Hero Awards

 On Success

If you’re hoping for a successful year ahead and beyond, look to the words of Sabrina Washington (former lead singer of Mis-Teeq) for encouragement.

Sabrina Washington
Sabrina Washington

“I would say don’t be afraid to stand out and don’t be afraid of the journey. No journey is easy. If you want anything for yourself, usually it never comes easily, you always have to put in the hard work, but don’t give up.”

On having Good Health

If you’re committed to making your physical and mental health a priority, keep in mind this quote from Angie Le Mar (Comedienne, Director, Author & All round Queen!).

Interviewing Angie Le Mar: A pioneer of Black British comedy
Angie Le Mar

“Take it seriously. Once that is not strong, everything else is a waste of time. Keep the mind strong, and the body fit.”

On Self-Discipline

The start of a new year, or any other time is a good time to put more energy into being disciplined.

 “I was and still am prepared to work hard for what I want.”

   Tomisin Adepeju (Film Director)


On Having Purpose

We all have our individual ambitions, hopes and dreams but Inua Ellams (Poet, Playwright) speaks about a purpose that we can all aspire to in our own way.

“I want to leave the world in a better place than it was when I entered it if that makes sense? Just to try to make life a little bit better.”

On Beauty/Self Love

Feeling beautiful is so much more than face masks and putting on your favourite lipstick. If you truly want to feel beautiful in 2020 and beyond, loving yourself and knowing beauty is so much more than skin deep is key.

Funmi Fetto

“For me, the beauty within my culture is not really about make-up. Beauty is about so much more. It’s about laughter and joy. In African culture it’s about getting together, eating and enjoying life. There is also something quite beautiful about seeing women of different shapes and sizes, being confident in their own skin.”

Funmi Fetto (Beauty expert, Author)

And we were reminded of the true meaning of beauty by Sharon Chuter (founder of UOMA Beauty).

“Beauty starts the moment you start to be yourself.”

On Fashion

From one season to the next in the fashion world the style that gets the fashion world’s approval changes. But Tracee Ellis Ross has chosen to take a different approach when it comes to what she wears.

Fashion Awards 2019
Image credit: British Fashion Council Tracee Ellis Ross

 “I just wear what makes my heart sing.”

These are words to live by, fashion should be fun and enjoyable!

On Travel

Visiting a new country is always a good idea, Woni Spotts shared her thoughts with us about travelling the world.

Woni Spotts
Woni Spotts

“I never compare countries. I always look for beauty wherever I go. Each country has its own features, like great architecture, textured deserts, unique animals, and natural scenes.”

We hope that you’ve found some inspiration quotes, motivation and everything you need to take into the new year to have the best year possible. Thank you for sticking with us on our journey and we hope you’ll stick around throughout 2020!

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