‘Beauty starts the moment you start to be yourself’ says Sharon Chuter, founder of UOMA Beauty, an exciting new makeup brand that boasts 51 shades of foundation in six different formulas. Yes, you read that right!

UOMA Beauty

UOMA’s Say What?! Foundation has a staggering 51 shades in six different formulas and it has been hailed as a game-changer by Elle UK, Glamour Magazine and Allure as the next hero products you do not want to miss.

As impressive as their foundation game is, the brand’s beauty portfolio doesn’t stop there. UOMA’s range of concealers, contour sticks, lipstick and eyeshadow palettes are helping to rewrite the rules of beauty inclusivity.

The brand’s founder, Sharon Chuter has a long history within the beauty industry, having worked with L’Oreal and Benefit Cosmetics to name a couple of well-known brands. She launched UOMA Beauty earlier this year with a marvellous international campaign shot in Lagos Nigeria. Women of all shades were represented in the campaign video, including supermodel Halima Aden and rising Nigerian star Aduke Shitta-Bey amongst others.

Watching the campaign video, it’s clear to see that inclusion and innovation is at the heart of this exciting new brand. In a recent article, Chuter articulates how shooting the video in Lagos, Nigeria was a chance to show to range of Nigerian creatives and shed light on the bustling and vibrant Lagos scene.

UOMA Beauty
Founder of UOMA Beauty: Sharon Chuter

She told Pulse Nigeria: “For me celebrating heritage is very important and is at the core of my message. Having pride in your origin and using my platform to change the false and outdated ideas the rest of the world has about Africa is crucial. I am so excited about the continent, the current generation of creatives and the resurgence of identity and national pride.”

Watch the campaign video

Here are our five favourite products from the range

UOMA Beauty

Say What?! Foundation 30ml in Black Pearl T1W, £29.50 Beauty Bay


UOMA Beauty

Stay Woke Concealer in Fair Lady T1 5ml, £21 Beauty Bay


UOMA Beauty

Afro.dis.iac Liquid Eyeliner Blackety Black Y’all 0.05g £16, Beauty Bay


UOMA Beauty

Boss Gloss Liquid Marble in Passion 3ml, £19.50 Beauty Bay


UOMA Beauty

Black Magic Color Poise 10g £43, Beauty Bay


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