Are magnetic liner eyelashes the best thing to happen to your eye beauty makeup routine? Here’s five facts that suggest the answer is a strong ‘yes’!

Beauty trends in the last couple of decades dictate that full and fluttery eyelashes are an important part of a skilful ‘facebeat’. From temporary and relatively purse-friendly eyelash strips to the more expensive and longer lasting individual eyelash hairs installed by eyelash technicians, the range of options is wide. However, in recent years, a new option is available. Magnetic eyelashes are another choice for striking eyelashes.


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There are two types of magnetic lashes, one that has two magnetic lash strips that sandwiches together your lashes or one that uses a magnetic eyeliner painted across your lid that holds the fake eyelashes in place.

Lola’s Lashes ‘felt cute’ Hybrid Magnetic Kit

Our editor-in-chief tried Lola’s Lashes Hybrid Magnetic Kit, which includes magnetic lashes, a black hybrid magnetic liner and a finishing touch-up pen. As a first-time user of magnetic lashes, these are her thoughts…

“I’ve never been too fond of using eyelashes strips as I always struggle with the glue and fixing the strip lash as close to my natural eyeline as possible. With Lola’s Lashes Hybrid Magnetic Kit, the magnetic liner, in addition to it being magnetic, is also black and glides on like a Black eyeliner so you can go as close to your natural eyeline as possible. Fixing the lashes to the magnetic liner was so simple as they just snap to the magnet in the magnetic liner, no faffing around, trying to align it to the best place on your eyelids.”

At the end of the day, it was just a matter of gently pulling it off my eyelids and storing it in the kit, ready for the next time I would it again. This is definitely eyelashes strips made easy!”


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Here are five more reasons why you should convert to using magnetic liner eyelashes.

  1. They actually work

You get good-looking lashes that look natural and feel secure in minutes (not hours).


  1. They preserve your natural lash health

The Magnetic Liner works so that false eyelashes can attach directly to the eyeliner rather than your eyelashes which means you won’t be pulling out your real eyelashes out with a sticky glue.


  1. No toxic chemicals

Did you know that regular eyelash glue is one of the most toxic products in your make-up bag? Well now you do!


  1. They are reusable

You no longer have to pay loads for eyelash extensions. For example, Lola’s Lashes can be used more than 30 times!


  1.  The magnetic liner means false eyelashes can attach directly to the eyeliner

Which means that people who suffer from Alopecia or natural hair loss can use the product too!

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