Ever since the early 80s, eyelash treatments such as perms, lifts, tints and extensions have been around but recently, there’s been a recent boom in demand for bigger and better eyelashes. We took a trip to So Me Beauty and Wellness Salon in Clapham Junction to speak to their expert lash technicians and get to know everything there is to know about eyelash treatments.

Eyelash treatments count as semi-permanent makeup and you’ll need a patch test before all of the treatments. So, if you’re thinking of having a treatment to get your lashes on fleek without having to use mascara, read on for all the options.


Extensions rarely look extremely natural as they will always increase your lash volume (that’s kind of the point, right?). The options range from a half set, to full set to Russian Volume set. In the case of a half set, the most natural look, one false lash will be applied to the root of every other of your natural lashes. You’ll end up with a light and feathery look and no need for mascara.

If you opt for a full set, one false lash will be applied to each of your natural lashes making them look altogether more full and thick. They will take up to two hours depending on your lash density and will need infills less quickly than the half set.

The Russian Volume option means three false lashes are applied to every one of your natural lashes to help you achieve a super dramatic look, perfect for those who love intense looks without always having the time for makeup application. As with all the lash treatments, avoiding getting water on them for the first 24 hours is crucial and always avoid oil-based makeup removers on your eyelash extensions.


LVL lash lifts are slightly different to lash lifts because of the tools used. LVL uses a silicone pad technique that lifts the lash straight up to get maximum length from your natural lashes. It’s a great option for people with a lot of lashes but not much lift or volume. They will also be tinted if necessary so it’s like wearing semi-permanent mascara.

Lash Lift

Lash lifts that aren’t LVLs permanently curl your lashes on a rounded rod which help them to achieve a more natural curl rather than making the eyelashes stand upright. Lash lifts are better for people with straight lashes so if your lashes are already curly, go for the LVL treatment instead.


If you’re looking for a temporary fix for one night, falsies will always be your best friend. As the upkeep of semi-permanent eyelash treatments requires you to avoid oil-based products on the eyes and not rubbing them, falsies might be the best option. Always use a dermatologically-tested lash glue and if your eye area is sensitive, it’s advised that you stop using it immediately.

So Me Clapham Junction offer eyelash extensions, LVL, lash lift and tinting. 

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