False eyelashes have become ever more popular in recent years, with many more of us relishing how they give the illusion of bigger eyes and a more dramatic look, even when we decide not to wear a full face of makeup. But are you doing it right?

false eyelashes

The art of applying false eyelashes can be tricky but as with all things, practise makes perfect once you know how.

If you’re tackling your lashes yourself, strip eyelashes are the easiest to apply, adding effortless glam to your look, whilst individual eyelashes can provide a more natural finish but are slightly trickier to apply.

With the likelihood of low-key celebrations for the foreseeable future, there’s no time like the present to finally get to grips with the art of applying your strips like a pro.

We caught up with makeup artist at FalseEyelashes.co.uk, Saffron Hughes who shared her seven tips on how best to apply false eyelashes.

Makeup first

Your falsies should be the last step in your makeup routine. If you apply them first, you might end up with eyeshadow or powder fall out on top of them which can cause irritation and rubbing. To begin, you should have already applied your face and eye make-up. It is also much trickier to do your make up once you’ve applied your eyelashes.

Choose the right eyelash set for your eye type

Before gluing, always take your lashes and place them on your eyes to see how they fit. In the case that they are too wide or long you can carefully trim off a few hairs until you’re happy with the length. Alternatively, you can choose a strip set that is made for your eye type. It is important that your eyelashes suit and enhance your particular eye shape. If you wear contact lenses or have sensitive eyes, you might prefer an invisible or ultra-lightweight lash band, these are much lighter on the eye and feel more comfortable.

One of the most common eye shapes is hooded eyes, this means that you have more skin above your crease and most of your upper lid is hidden when your eyes are open. For this shape, avoid dramatic styles as these will close the eyes up. Instead select one that has increased length in the centre as well as heavier volume to create the illusion of a larger looking eye.

“…there’s no time like the present to finally get to grips with the art of applying your strips like a pro.”

Apply eyeliner

No matter which style you choose, a good tip for hiding the base of your lashes is to line your upper lash line with black eyeliner. Apply your liner as you usually would, no more or no less, before and after application. Make sure that you use liquid or gel eyeliner as a pencil eyeliner can cause you to drag across the top edge of your eyelash band causing it to move and readjust. If you struggle making a straight line with liquid liner, gel can be applied with a brush making it a little easier.

false eyelashes
Strip lashes

Loosen the spine of the lash strip

Eyelash strips tend to be straighter than our eyes when we first take them of the box. Before application you need fit the curvature of your lash line by softening the strip up first. Doing this beforehand will eliminate the risk of the inner and outer corners popping up after gluing them down. A great tip is to wrap the strip either around your little finger or a makeup brush for around a minute before gluing. 

Wait after applying glue

Be sure to use a good quality adhesive, strip lash adhesives are designed to hold your lashes in place for approximately one day or two. When your eyelashes are ready for application, take the glue and apply a small thin layer along the strip part of the lash. Try to ensure that you apply as little and finely as possible. A popular mistake people make is not waiting, after applying the glue wait around a minute so that the glue is ‘tacky’ and is less likely to slide around. Importantly, don’t blow the glue to hurry the process along as this can cause germs to enter your eye.

false eyelashes
Individual lashes

Look downward into a mirror to apply

The goal of application is to have the beginning of the lash strip lining up with where your natural lashes start. Using whichever works best for you, tweezers or lash applicator, place the middle of the strip in the centre of your eye and lightly touch on either side along your lash line. Push the strip down in place for a few seconds whilst the glue sets and secures the lashes. Once everything is set in place, you can use your fingers to make sure your natural and false lashes are blended.

To do this right the first time, the trick is to place your mirror under your face near to a perpendicular angle and look down. This will make your eyelid extend and leaves more room for you to get the eyelash on top of your natural ones.

Apply mascara to bond to your own eyelashes

After the glue has set and your eyelashes are fixed in place, apply some mascara to bond everything together. Make sure you don’t apply endless coats but just enough to mix the lashes together for a sharp finish.


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