With her energetic dance routines and gorgeously healthy-looking physique, it won’t come as a surprise to people to learn that 2014 X Factor runner up, Fleur East is a bit of a fitness fiend. The 30-year-old singer, songwriter and dancer, has now turned her hand to fitness by launching a full body home workout system called W8 GYM.

W8 GYM allows users to perform more than 200 exercises. Described as being perfect for those who don’t like going to the gym, but still want to get fit at their own convenience, the W8 GYM is a gym in a box that you can train anywhere with.

How can you get a body like Fleur?We caught up with Fleur to ask her about her involvement with W8 GYM, and her health and beauty secrets.

When did your love of fitness begin?  

I’ve always been into fitness since my school days. I used to run the 200metres race, relay and also played netball. I love being active, it makes me feel good and I am my most creative when I feel good on the inside.


How do you squeeze fitness in your daily routine?  
It’s been a challenge working exercise into my schedule, so I do a lot of home workouts which work really well for me. Over the past year, I’ve been working out with the W8 GYM five times a week and it really works!


How did you come to co-found W8 GYM?  
My cousins Nick Meaney and Clive Payne, developed and came up with the concept of the W8 GYM and showed me the invention late last year. I saw it and decided to test it by working out with it for almost a year! I then joined them as a partner of the W8 GYM and re-branded the unit and aesthetic, becoming the creative director.


How easy is it to incorporate W8 GYM into daily routines? 
How can you get a body like Fleur?Very easy! The W8 GYM allows you to perform over 200 exercises with one piece of equipment! You can change the weight and change the exercise without having to change the equipment. It’s portable and convenient so you can work out anywhere, anytime and it brings the gym to you. It’s a neat gym in a box!


You always look stunning, how much of your looks is down to good genes? 
Ha ha! Thank you. My parents have good genes, but when it comes to physique, that is definitely down to my workout routine and my diet. I’ve always been big on healthy eating and having a balanced diet. I try to work out five times a week also, which really keeps me in shape, along with dancing on stage when I perform.


What’s your beauty regime? 
My sister, Keshia, is my makeup artist and she’s always giving me amazing beauty tips! Cleanse, tone and moisturise are the three tips that I’ve followed from her advice. I always take off my makeup before bed and moisturise with a serum. I also drink LOTS of water which helps keep my skin clear.


We love your curly hair. What’s your hair regime? 
Thank you 🙂 I try to leave a treatment on it once a month and I wash it once every two weeks. I love leave-in conditioner which I use to keep my curl pattern and I only colour it a maximum of twice a year to keep it healthy. I like to embrace my natural curls and always encourage all my girlfriends to do the same.

How can you get a body like Fleur?W8 is available in four colours and can be ordered via the website: www.w8gym.com.


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