Comedian, presenter and celebrated actor, Sir Lenny Henry is to make a new programme about the deep-rooted relationship between the crown and the Commonwealth, tentatively titled Lenny Henry: Commonwealth Kid.

Born to Jamaican parents who came to the UK as part of the post-Windrush generation in 1957, it’s no surprise that Sir Lenny, who in recent years has carved out a very impressive stage career, considers himself to be a Commonwealth Kid.

In the film, Lenny will examine the complex relationship between the crown, the Commonwealth and its 2.3 billion people. The programme couldn’t have come at a better time as the 2018 Commonwealth Summit takes place in London for the first time in over 30 years, making it a timely moment to explore the role of this community of nations in the 21st Century.

Lenny will set off on a tour of the Caribbean visiting the Bahamas and his homeplace of Jamaica to hear what the Commonwealth means to the people who actually reside there. In this funny and fascinating journey into the body, mind and soul of the Caribbean, Lenny will investigate the experiences of those who live so far from the UK, but remain members of this vast and populous club.

From street vendors to government officials and teachers to students, he will examine the special bond that exists between the people of the Caribbean and the UK, a microcosm of the wider relationship between all of the people of the Commonwealth.

Sir Lenny Henry to explore commonwealth legacy in new programmeLenny says:

“I’m delighted and excited to revisit where my parents grew up and explore things I don’t know about Jamaica and the Bahamas especially in the context of the Commonwealth.”

The film is being made by Burning Bright Productions and Douglas Road Productions. Executive Producer are Clive Tulloh and Barbara Emile.


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