A woman who know what she wants and goes after it. Dentaa Amoateng has sampled being a nurse, an actress, TV presenter, singer but without a doubt, one role that seems to fit best is people’s champion.

It probably didn’t come as a surprise to her 80K followers on Instagram when she was awarded a Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire in Her Majesty The Queen’s 2016 Birthday Honours last summer, for services to UK and African Diaspora relations. Celebrated for her philanthropic and tireless work for the Ghanaian community in the UK and abroad, Dentaa is already rolling up her sleeves for this years’ GUBA (Ghana UK Based Achievement) Awards, which recognises the achievements of Ghanaian/Africans in the UK.

We caught up with Dentaa to find out more about the GUBA Awards, gaining an MBE and juggling family and work.

Melan Magazine: What is the purpose of the GUBA Awards?
Dentaa Amoateng: The GUBA Awards is a non-profit organisation that focuses on enriching the African community in the UK with the aim of empowerment and growth. It is an annual event dedicated to highlighting and rewarding outstanding achievers. It also works to ensure that it encourages the youth to work positively to impact their communities. The overall aim of the awards is to facilitate advancement and reward excellence within the African community in the UK.

Dentaa Amaoteng - MelanMag.com: There’s something about Dentaa
Official Launch of GUBA Greenwich Expo in Ghana with British High Commissioner Jon Benjamin and GUBA CEO Dentaa

MM: Why did you start it? How long has it been running?
DA: It was formally established in October 2010. We are currently in our sixth year and we couldn’t be more humbled and amazed at its growth.

MM: What did you do before?
DA: Before the concept and development of GUBA, I was a TV show host on my show – The Dentaa Show, which involved interviewing influential media and entertainment personalities in Ghana. Subsequently, I started practising as a Paediatric Nurse to fulfil my passion for working with children. I still practice alongside running the GUBA Enterprise.

MM: Who is the quintessential GUBA woman?
DA: The quintessential GUBA Woman is hardworking, she sets her goals and follows them earnestly. She is also dynamic and strong.

Dentaa Amaoteng - MelanMag.com: There’s something about Dentaa
GUBA CEO Dentaa and Cherie Blair

MM: Who are the judges?
DA: This year, our judges are: Sonia Meggie, Kofi Addo and Charles Thompson.

MM: What qualities are they looking for?
DA: Each category has a specific set of requirements that must be met. The judges thoroughly review the nominees against the requirements and select the suitable nominees. Nominees are then put up for the public vote. Judges look for individuals/businesses/charities that serve a strong purpose in their field or industry.

MM: Not to put you on the spot, but who has been your most standout winner?
DA: We have had an array of diverse and amazing winners so it is quite difficult to choose. I will have to say that the winners from the young and talented categories are one of my favourites as I love seeing young people excelling at an early age. It is inspiring and sends a clear message that success knows no bounds.

Dentaa Amaoteng - MelanMag.com: There’s something about Dentaa
Mayor of Greenwich Cllr Norman Adams & Dentaa Amoateng @ GUBA Expo interacting with an exhibitor

MM: How many categories?
DA: We have 12 categories available this year, all of which can be accessed via the Guba Awards website and this link.

MM: What other endeavours are you involved in?
DA: We are currently campaigning to raise funds to end infant mortality in Ghana. The number of deaths of babies under one is on the rise and therefore, it is imperative that we raise funds to purchase incubators and other hospital equipment. We are also in the planning stages for the GUBA Expo, a two-day event showcasing the wonderful array of products created by Ghanaian small/medium enterprises in the UK and Ghana, which is scheduled to take place in 2018.

MM: When are the awards?
DA: The GUBA Awards will take place on 3 June 2017 at the Intercontinental Hotel, o2, London. It will be hosted by the hugely talented and award winning broadcast journalist and presenter, Claire Clottey, who also happens to be a Melanmag writer.

MM: How can people get involved?
DA: All are welcome to attend the GUBA Awards, tickets are available to purchase via this link. We also welcome sponsorships and media partnerships, which can be done by contacting our Head of Sponsorship: george@gubaawards.co.uk

MM: What can people expect to see this year?
DA: The GUBA 2017 Awards will be filled with inspiration, excellence, elegance and entertainment. It will be an amazing networking event that is not to be missed.

Dentaa Amaoteng - MelanMag.com: There’s something about Dentaa
Dentaa @ her MBE Ceremony

MM: You’ve recently been awarded an MBE? How did that make you feel?
DA: To be the recipient of an MBE is a huge honour. It was unexpected and I will forever be grateful for it. It is very humbling and serves as a reminder and motivation to continue working towards the advancement of Africans in the UK and internationally.

MM: How do you juggle family and work commitments?
DA: Time management and delegation are very crucial. I have to ensure that I work within a self-allocated time for each task to enable me to have a bit more ‘free time’ to deal with other things. Knowing when to delegate is essential as important tasks are handled collectively, rather than it being left undone simply because I try to do it all. There also has to be a distinction between family time and work time, without interlacing the two.  My family are very supportive of my ventures so prioritising is manageable. My GUBA team are always on hand to help out as well.

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