S’ABLE Labs skincare was built on the idea that products don’t need to be specifically marketed for men or for women. Skin is skin after all, right?

Speaking during an appearance on ITV’s This Morning, movie actor and multi-hyphenate Idris Elba explained how the idea for S’ABLE Labs, his wellbeing brand with wife Sabrina, came to be. He said: “When Sabrina and I were in Lockdown we found ourselves looking at products that were specifically marketed for men or for women and we wondered why that was. Skin is skin after all, right?”

Idris and Sabrina Elba S'ABLE Labs founders
Idris and Sabrina Elba S’ABLE Labs founders
Photographer credit: Alex Piper


S’ABLE Labs has even more altruistic aims. In addition to reducing the need for multiple, gender-based skincare items in bathroom cabinets, the brand purposefully partners with small holder farmers and communities, ensuring the ingredients used are all responsibly sourced.


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Addressing this, Elba said: “Sabrina and I are both IFAD (International Fund for Agricultural Development) representatives who represent small holder farmers and that represents our relationship with the earth. I know that sounds lofty, but it’s all stuck together. It represents our partnership with the Earth, our partnership with who we are.”

S’ABLE, which means Elba’s backwards [see what they did there!], is part of the couple’s multifaceted wellbeing brand aimed at exploring how healthy partnerships and mutual support can improve the quality of people’s lives. Coupledom, the couple’s Audible podcast is part of this ethos.


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Their new genderless skincare range takes the idea further. “What we were hoping to do is have a skincare range that really examines how couples can use less bottles in the house.

Giving a clue to her motivation for delving into skincare, Sabrina shared: “I grew up watching my mother mix up various lotions and masks, indulging her skin with techniques and ingredients that had been passed down from generation to generation.

“I wanted to incorporate some of this knowledge into our skincare range.”

The three hero products form the core of everything one needs for an environmentally conscious skincare regimen. The three products, a toner, a cleanser and a moisturiser come in a no-fuss, environmentally packaging.


S’ABLE Labs skincare range

Quasil Cleanser £28 (150ml)

S’ABLE Labs Qasil Cleanser £28

A gentle non-drying exfoliation cream cleanser with Qasil, a Somalian beauty staple that has been revered for generations on account of its ability to protect and repair skin that has been exposed to hard conditions.


Black Seed Toner £35 (150ml)

S’ABLE Labs Black Seed Toner £35

An innovative high-performance toner formulated to boost elasticity, brightness and overall skin health. In addition to antioxidants like vitamin C, E and ferulic acid, it also has Black Seed, (Nigella Sativa) a compound that’s naturally rich in vitamin A, amino acids and essential fatty acids.


Boabab Moisturiser £50 (50ml)

S’ABLE Labs Baobab Moisturiser £50

This is described as a fast-absorbing moisturiser with a range of radiance-boosting ingredients. However, the star ingredient is Baobab, a superfood turned skincare wonder. “Some of my fondest memories are of sitting underneath the massive Baobab trees in East Africa, says Sabrina.


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Showing it’s never too late to embrace better skincare habits, Idris, who recently celebrated turning 50, commented: “Toner wasn’t something I ever used before we created ours. But now it’s part of my routine. I can really see the benefits after shaving.”

To shop the range, visit the S’ABLE Labs website.

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