Sabrina and Idris Elba (OBE) are launching Coupledom, a six-part podcast exploring partnerships on love, business and activism with some famous guests.

The podcast, hosted by Audible Original, is part of part of the former sexiest man alive and prolific actor and DJ, Idris Elba and his model wife’s newly launched lifestyle brand called S’able Lads, which is focused on relationships.

Listeners will no doubt be tuning in to hear more about the Elbas’ own relationship. Since they married in April 2019, they have shown snippets of a loving relationship through their social media channels.


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The podcast will see them dig into what makes successful relationships thrive with some of the world’s most renowned duos.

Sharing how meeting his future wife Sabrina influenced his life, 48-year-old Idris told People magazine: “We started dating and I fell head over heels.”

After meeting Sabrina at a Vancouver jazz bar in 2017, Idris said: “Everyone was like, ‘Hey man, you seem so much happier.’ I didn’t realize I was, but the truth is that it really sparked a lot of conversations around how a partnership can bring out the best in you.”

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Leading each episode with their own partnership’s strengths and challenges, Idris and Sabrina will engage in frank, free-flowing and thought-provoking discussions for listeners to incorporate into their own partnership.

The series will also explore challenging first-hand experiences of arranged marriage, discrimination and representation.

Sabrina and Idris Elba (OBE) are launching Coupledom
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Episode one will see TV cook and Great British Bake-off breakout star Nadiya Hussain and her husband Abdal sitting in the hot seat to discuss their arranged marriage and how that marriage had to change when Nadiya entered the public eye. Also booked to discuss (in episode 6) are Kim Kardashian West and Kris Jenner who will be talking about fame and family.

Sharing insight into what they hope listeners will gain from the Coupledom podcast, Sabrina Elba said:

“Coupledom to myself and Idris, means the realm of shared experiences between two partners in life or business, creating extraordinary outcomes. In our Audible Original podcast, we’ve truly been able to explore ‘Coupledom’ through some of the world’s most interesting duos for honest, unguarded discussions about all the complexities of living a shared life. I’ve taken so many lessons from our guests’ unique partnerships and I hope listeners of the podcast will be just as inspired as I have been.”


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The Audible Original podcast is executive produced by the duo and co-produced by Awfully Nice and S’able Labs. The series also features an original score by Amanda Jones in close collaboration with DJ Idris Elba.

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