The flavours of Sierra Leone in a drink is the inspiration for a new range of all natural Shwen Shwen juice drinks created by Chef Maria Bradford.

Shwen Shwen natural juices

Shwen Shwen, which means ‘fancy’ in the Sierra Leone Krio language is how entrepreneur and chef Maria Bradford describes her cooking style, and so she decided to adopt the phrase as her business name too.

Chef Bradford was born and raised in Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone, a country in West Africa. Her heritage features heavily in her culinary creations. Explaining why that is, she said: “I have many fond childhood memories. Mainly to do with my fascination for age-old African recipes. Discovering fresh, local, flavoursome ingredients and cooking for all my family and friends.”

Shwen Shwen
Maria Bradford: Founder of Shwen Shwen

A fully qualified chef, Chef Bradford deepened her understanding of cooking theory and food by attending the Leiths School of Food and Wine. Today she runs an extremely popular catering business, and her regular supper clubs are known to sell out quickly. The brand’s mission is simple: “to bring a whole new world of flavours to your door and to draw upon our Sierra Leonean colourful culture to bring people closer together through food.”


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Building on her legacy under the Shwen Shwen brand, Chef Bradford has now launched her latest venture, a range of natural juice drinks.

The range of drinks, again inspired by the flavours from Sierra Leone and combined with some seasonal English produce, can be enjoyed as a refreshing non-alcoholic drink or added to spirits or prosecco for a luxurious cocktail.

Shwen Shwen Mango Sunshine juice

In addition to being delicious, the juice drinks also pack a punch when it comes to health benefits. According to the brand’s promo, symptoms of some common health conditions, such as menopause, high blood pressure and low gut health, can be alleviated by some of the ingredients in the juices. For example, the presence of Hibiscus in the Spiced Bissap and Purple Haze juice drinks can help to fight inflammation, relieve hot flashes, supports liver health and acts as a natural anti-depressant.

The full list of Shwen Shwen Juice Drinks

  • Purple Haze
  • Mango Sunshine
  • Namoli
  • Passionately Bissap
  • Spiced Bissap
  • Tombe



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Sold individually as a pack of six or a taster mixed pack of all six flavours, the juices are a quality refreshment for the discerning palate. Full of robust flavours and a warm and spicy kick for those who like their juices to come with some heat, enjoy neat or mixed with quality alcohol for a refreshing cocktail.


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Shwen Shwen juices are a worthy addition to the growing brand and an excellent ambassador for Sierra Leonean in cuisine.

To buy the natural juices visit the Shwen Shwen website.

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