Melan Magazine accepted the invitation to the Lux Afrique Polo Day pre-event press day earlier this month for a day of food, fun and, of course, polo.

Lux Afrique Polo
Horse riding at Lux Afrique Polo
Credit Melan Magazine

The Lux Afrique Polo Day is the first and only polo event dedicated to Africa in the UK. Our Editor-In-Chief Joy Joses joined other invited press delegates to preview the now extremely popular annual event. The fourth official edition of the event will take place on Saturday 30 July at the Hurtwood Park Polo Country Club in Surrey.

The primary aim of the Lux Afrique Polo Day is to showcase the growing sport and to provide a platform for the young and emerging African talent who will be competing against each other on the day.



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More than just a sporting event however, the Lux Afrique Polo Day is well-known for attracting ultra-high net worth individuals from across the African continent and Europe, providing a unique opportunity for networking among global luxury brands.


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Lux Afrique Polo
Alexander Amosu: Lux Afrique Polo Credit Melan Magazine

Founder of the Lux Afrique brand, serial entrepreneur Alexander Amosu shared a few words to kick off the day. He said: “The day is all about how we can support the polo industry when it comes to African players. Often when I talk about this and tell people that Black people play polo, people look at me with shock! The truth of the matter is we have been playing polo in Africa for centuries. In fact, a number of countries in Africa have a polo playing club. Nigeria as an example has about five or six polo clubs, some of which have been playing for centuries.”

Food: Lux Afrique Polo Credit Melan Magazine

“We’re not doing anything new; we are simply highlighting these fantastic players.”

“We wanted a day that we can celebrate to say, ‘this is ours’. There’s Wimbledon, there’s the Grand Prix; apart from festivals, we’re very good at festivals [laughs], I couldn’t pinpoint a sporting day that is ours, that we could come together and celebrate our culture, wear our clothes, eat our food and feel proud to be there. This is what Lux Afrique Polo Day is all about.”

During the press day, invited guests were treated to lessons on how to play polo on wooden horses and to take turns riding a horse. For many, this was the first time mounting a horse and so was a wonderful experience.


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As you would expect from a luxury Africa-centred event, the cuisine was excellent. Created by four extremely talented African chefs who unveiled a sample menu fit for kings; more of the same will be available on the actual day. Likewise, guests can look forward to a top-notch drinks list, filled with creative cocktails prepared by expert mixologists.

Cocktails: Lux Afrique Polo Credit Melan Magazine

If the press day is anything to go by, guests to the main event on 30 July are in for a real treat. If you haven’t got your ticket yet, what are you waiting for? Pick out your outfit to match the theme ‘African Boldness’, [of course!] and be prepared to have a wonderfully, exhilarating day in the company of likeminded guests. Hope to see you there!

The fourth Lux Afrique Polo Day is on Saturday 30 July 2022.
Venue & After Party: Hurtwood Park Polo Country Club, Horsham Lane, Ewhurst Green, Surrey, GU6 7SW.

Buy tickets here.

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  1. Just came across this post via its hashtag @luxafriquepolo.
    It is a shame that the event did not live up to what was advertised on the premium VIP ticket, which cost almost £400 per person.

    In the ticket, it says it includes access to the Polo Club House area, reserved front row seats, Champagne as your drink of choice for the day per glass and canapes. However, not a single drop of champagne was served to us. I saw and heard more than 14 different people complaining about this.

    Of course, my heart is also broken, simply because I went to support an African Event.

    The same thing happened last year, I paid almost £400 for the VIP ticket, and a lot of people were even begging for food to be served, same as me, I was given a half glass of prosecco, that does taste anything like Champagne ( THIS WAS LAST YEAR )……..


    If I had spent half of that money to attend another event which promised champagne on its ticket, then I would 100% believe they would deliver.

    It’s a waste of money to pay for VIP services.

    We were told by the waiters that they were told to focus on a specific area where the Media people are, rather than other people that paid.


    Next time just buy a simple cheap ticket and save yourself from being let down.

    I read another review where someone mentioned that for the past 3 years he or she has been attending it has never improved, and he or she keeps getting disappointed.

    People, please stay away from the flashy advertisements and listen to real people with real experience.

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