Brother and sister property developers’ duo Scarlette and Stuart Douglas are hosting a new Channel 4 series, Worst House on the Street, to help families transform run-down houses into their dream homes.

Scarlette and Stuart Douglas are once again coming together to present a prime-time TV show. Worst House on the Street, a six-part series will see the property experts using their creative expertise to develop participants houses into beautiful homes without blowing the bank.


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Last year, A Place in the Sun presenter Scarlette Douglas and brother Stuart hosted a special edition of Love It or List It, as part of Channel 4’s Black to Front project. At the time, Scarlette commented to House Beautiful UK on the opportunity to present the show usually hosted by Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer. “When I heard it was happening, I think like a lot of people, we were a bit dubious and wanted to know exactly what it meant. Was it just to tick a box? Was it something that will be just for a day and then nothing will come of it? But actually knowing what Channel 4 want to do with it, and that they’re trying to make it an everlasting legacy and to bring more talent to the forefront, I think is brilliant.” With this new commission, it appears that Channel 4 are working to build on their commitment.


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The new Worst House on the Street series acknowledges that more than 70% of renovations end up going over time and over budget. Scarlette and Stuart will use every trick in the book to help families make their money go further. At the end of the project, they’ll reveal how much their innovative and thrifty changes have increased the value of the property by.

Worst House on the Street
Scarlette and Stuart Douglas are hosting Channel 4’s Worst House on the Street

Expressing their excitement at hosting the new series, Scarlette and Stuart said: “Over many years, we have honed the skill of redeveloping properties whilst extracting the most value from the finances available. As brother and sister, our candid and honest relationship has helped us refine our process to achieve the best results. Together we have redesigned and renovated numerous properties, transforming them from uninspiring bricks and mortar to desirable and profitable homes.”

Worst House on the Street is commissioned by Channel 4 from South Shore and co-produced with the Motion Content Group.


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Head of South Shore Wales Simon Kerfoot said: “Stuart and Scarlette have got some incredible tips, tricks and hacks up their sleeves that will guarantee our thrifty homeowners pull off renovations far in excess of their budgets or expectations.”


“I spent £200k on home improvements and renovations during lockdown!”


Motion Content Group’s Martin Oxley, added: “Stuart and Scarlette are the real deal when it comes to the inside track on property development hacks and we couldn’t be more delighted to be working with Channel 4 and South Shore on this latest upgrade to the property format.”

Worst House on the Street will air in September 2022.

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