Bubbly, ambitious and stunning, Scarlette Douglas, most popularly known as a host on A Place In The Sun, is actively chasing her dreams and she’s not letting anything slow her down.

Scarlette Douglas was one of the first people we interviewed in Melan Magazine, we recently caught up with the presenter to find out what she’s been up to since 2016.

Scarlette Douglas

We know that you’ve been extremely busy since we last interviewed you. What are you working on at the moment?

Just last week I was proud to announce a new programme with Channel 4 called Last Minute Holiday Secrets. It’s a show that looks at which is best; booking a holiday in advance or last minute. Can you really save a lot of money by booking your break in plenty of time or is booking it last minute worth all the hassle and stress?

Scarlette Douglas

Now, that’s a show we’ll be watching. Can you tell us more?

Last Minute Holiday Secrets is a one-hour long, prime-time, one-off special. The premise of the show basically pits two families up against each other. One family has booked in advance, my job is to help the second family book the exact same holiday, but last minute.

The idea is to see which option is best, book in advance or booking last minute.

So, what else are you working on at the moment?

I’m working quite a bit with the One Show, which is great. I love working with them. I work on their VT segments [the short film within the programme]. I was also quite busy working on the BBC5 Live podcast, a little while ago.

I’m also excited to be working on my own show idea. It’s a brand-new reality TV show in the pipeline with Tiger Aspect. I’m co-producing it with Tiger Aspect but it’s still being developed so I can’t really talk about it but watch this space.

Scarlette Douglas

We’ve noticed on your social media that you have a keen interest in sign language. Where does that interest come from?

 When I was 18, I took part in a beauty pageant in Hertfordshire, and there was a girl there who was deaf. Everyone pretty much ignored her and didn’t talk to her. I found it really upsetting. At the time, I remember trying to communicate with her by gesturing. I pledged to myself that any time I had a chance to actually learn how to sign I was going to do it. I think it’s so important that people aren’t left out and don’t feel ostracised just because they’re disabled, or they have a disability.

I started learning sign language about three years ago now and am now skilled enough to be an interpreter. I’m really passionate about it. I’m an ambassador for Enfield Deaf Club, my local deaf club, and Action on Hearing Loss, a charity that helps those with hearing loss issues.

You always look lovely on TV and your skin looks so healthy, what products do you use for your skin?

I’m often asked this question, but I’m not very good at beauty, I could be better. So, I definitely wash, moisturise, I should tone which I don’t. [she laughs] I feel as though I should do more. I just wash my face and clean it. It’s MAC, MAC make-up, that’s what does it.

Last Minute Holiday Secrets, hosted by Scarlette Douglas, will air on Channel 4 in early 2020.

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