Never mind romance, Louise Chandler tells us why female friendships are the real love stories that we should be celebrating this Galentine’s Day.


At this time of year, it’s impossible to avoid the overly saccharine and not so subtle attempt by stores to make us part with our dosh to buy heart-shaped chocolates, mementos, and cards. Often these are all about celebrating a romantic love, but in recent years there has been a steady rise in people celebrating ‘Galentine’s Day’ instead, typically on 13 February. Appearing on social media, merchandise and even the odd card here and there, Galentine’s Day was invented as a phrase to celebrate the love and appreciation you have for your gal pals.

In this month of love, I have been reflecting on my female friendships and am reminded of how much these friendships mean to me. Afterall, what’s that famous saying “Men come and go, but best friends are irreplaceable”.

Read on for my musings on the importance of female friendships and why we should all be celebrating our girlie besties this Galentine’s Day.

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You connect through a shared history

You can connect through a shared history

The relationships you build with your gal pals can enrich and nurture you during your life cycles and you build connections and common ground. When you both share an experience of similarities (or as I call it, a ‘me too’ moment) you can both revel in the joy that someone else understands what you do and go through.



They REALLY listen, learn and share

The things you learn when you listen, learn and share with your girlie friends is a beautiful asset for galantine friendships. Who else will you call when you need make up recommendations, car advice or career tips to update your CV? Your gals always have your back and that is something to truly cherish when you swap skills and ideas!


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They offer true companionship

They offer true companionship

The film Thelma and Louise didn’t end well (no spoilers) but the companionship you can have with a girlie friend for travelling, road trips, spa days and leisurely lunches can make your heart glow with warmth and joy. Having company is okay but having true and authentic companionship is a blessing while creating great memories at the same time.


They will be your own personal cheerleader


When life gets tough, and you need words of encouragement your gal pals are often there to pick you up, dust you off and offer kind and wise words. Sometimes they are your own personal cheerleaders too. Words of affirmations, positive mantras and just a good giggle can get you through your troubled times and remind you that you can take on the world and all that it throws at you.


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They dish out dollops of kind acts and good deeds

Sometimes they are your own personal cheerleaders

Galentine’s is a chance to repay all the kind acts done by your bestie. Give a friend a lift home, cook a delicious home-cooked meal or buy them a book that you’ve recommend as a must-read. It may be a small kind deed, but it can mean the world to a friend.


Friends who laugh together, stay together

Friends who laugh together…

When you look back at old photographs of you and your gals, dressed up in fancy dress, on a holiday or out for a glam dinner date – these memories will make you smile and even laugh. That is the power of ‘galentines’ – It’s a chance to celebrate your female relationships and all that they mean to you now and in the coming times.

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