When three best friends hatch a plan to solve their relationship woes, by being each other’s matchmaker, what could go wrong? Andi Osho’s debut novel Asking For A Friend is a love letter to female friendship.

Andi Osho
Asking For A Friend / Harper Collins

Andi Osho is a celebrated comedian, actress and filmmaker. As she adds author to her growing list of accomplishments and having read her hilarious romance novel, it’s clear she’s really good at that too.

A familiar face on the British comedy circuit and festivals, numerous appearances on TV shows and dramas, Andi is also an accomplished writer having written for print, radio, film and TV for broadcasters such as Fox, BBC and Sky. She even has a sketch pilot for E4, The Andi O Show, in the bag.

Andi appears to have used all of her flair for writing to pen Asking For A Friend, a warm and light-hearted story about three friends Jemima, Meagan and Simi, who each could do with a little help in the love and relationship department.

After too many failed romances, and wondering what they could be doing wrong, the best friends decide enough is enough and put their heads together. What did they decide? They’re going to play the dating game by their own rules. They’re ditching the dating apps and asking people out IRL! Face to face. Old school style. But… they can only ask out dates for each other. What could possibly go wrong?

“This book is not just about their romantic lives. It’s also about friendship, which is a really important part of the book.”

Andi weaves a hilarious and uplifting story with full, well-developed characters that you really root for. From the uptight, prim yet lovable Jemima, control-freak Meagan and the scatty yet adorable Simi, readers will be familiar with these characters and no doubt know a few of them in real life too.

Andi Osho
Asking For A Friend / Harper Collins

Speaking about her book, Andi said: “This book is not just about their romantic lives. It’s also about friendship, which is a really important part of the book. It’s about how these women go through a lot together, have been through a lot together and how that affects their friendship.”

And yes, in case you were wondering, Andi did drop in some aspects of her dating life in the book. She said: “There are some little nuggets that I’ve taken out of my own life and put into the story. Some things that happened in the book, you’ll be like, ‘well… that didn’t happen’, It did!”

If that doesn’t intrigue you enough to get a copy, we don’t know what will!

Asking For A Friend is out on 4 February 2021. Buy it here.

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