When your best friend has just started a new business, it’s kind of like she’s got into a new relationship. She might not be able to be there when you desperately need a second opinion on your new sofa, she might spend forever talking about her projects on your coffee dates and she might just be all-in-all immersed in her new venture.

As her best friend, it’s your job to support whatever she’s going through. It may not feel like it, but she needs you more than ever, as a new business venture needs a lot of moral support.

Here are six of the most important ways you can help your BFF by showing support when she needs it the most.


Be a cheerleader

You probably cheer your best friend on no matter what, and if she’s started a new business, she needs that now more than ever. Talk her up, be there for launches and congratulate her even if it’s a small win. Make sure you stay genuine and take a genuine interest in what she’s doing. Be her right-hand woman and she’ll feel your support no matter the outcome of her venture.


Offer words of affirmation

Especially if you’re in a long-distance friendship, those hour-long phone calls will mean the world. Always offer words of affirmation – 80% of success is in the mind and if you believe in her, she will believe in herself. Find a silver lining for her even when she can’t find one herself – there will always be one!


77299865 - happy african american women laughing and smiling. Six simple ways to support your bestie who’s starting a business


Be frank and honest

Amid all the positivity, there are times that a frank and honest opinion is the best thing you can offer. If you foresee some obvious obstacle that she hasn’t seen yet or if you think there could be a better approach to something in particular, don’t be scared to speak up. She trusts your judgement and everything you say is valuable to her. Be careful not to try and back-seat drive the business but use your judgement to offer frank opinions when necessary.


Be a social media #FanGirl

With Instagram, Facebook and Twitter a vital part of any new business these days, she’s going to need all the social media support she can get. ‘Like’ everything and share, share, share! The more people who view her page, the better for exposure and takes very little effort as her bestie. Sharing their content or featuring it on your own page will mean twice the amount of promo and that can only be a good thing.


77299865 - happy african american women laughing and smiling. Six simple ways to support your bestie who’s starting a business
Image Credit: www.123rf.com.


Understand their time constraints

A new business is a lot like a new baby or maybe even a new boyfriend. There will be times she’s going to need to blow you off to go to networking events or there will be late-night working so she can’t make it on cocktails night-out. Be ready to rearrange plans without being bitter. When she’s ready for downtime, she will be so thankful that you’ll be ready to spend time with her.


Be a shoulder to cry on

All new businesses have peaks and troughs. Before she makes the big time, there will be days where she won’t even remember why she started. Be there for her when she’s feeling hopeless and let her talk it out and even cry. This kind of moral support will see you through even the toughest of times and after all, you know she’d do the same for you.

Finally, when the business takes off, guess who she will turn to, to celebrate and reap the rewards with?


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