She Beasts founder and personal trainer, Sadie Jones uses her platform to empower domestic abuse survivors through fitness and mindset coaching.

She Beasts
She Beasts founder: Sadie Jones

Domestic abuse survivors have a new sanctuary in She Beasts, a community interest company that provides a safe space for women who have been traumatised and left destitute.

The prevalence of domestic abuse crimes sadly continues to rise. Recent data captured following the first COVID-19 lockdown logs more than 58,000 instances of domestic abuse reported to West Midlands Police, with 72% of those being women victims.

Stepping in to offer support, She Beasts encourages an empowering way for domestic abuse survivors to take control of their lives, by embracing “freedom through fitness”.


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She Beasts founder, Sadie Jones, is determined to help survivors rebuild their self-esteem and she believes fitness is the key to unlocking futures and achieving financial freedom.

Speaking to Melan Magazine about the benefits fitness and strength bring to her clients, Sadie said: “As the ladies grow stronger, mentally and physically, their confidence flourishes and they start looking at themselves in a different light. Their self-belief in what they can achieve is ignited and for the first time in a long time, the present and the future aren’t such dark places.”

The Birmingham-based social enterprise has teamed up with Birmingham and Solihull Women’s Aid (BSWAID) but wants to do more and has set itself a target to support at least 150 women a year through a crowdfunding appeal that they launched this winter.

She Beasts
“As the ladies grow stronger, mentally and physically, their confidence flourishes and they start looking at themselves in a different light.”

Donations from the £15,000 appeal, which uses the hashtag #shecarescrowdfund, will fund fitness equipment for personal training sessions and classes. In addition to these, She Beasts has pledged that the funds from the appeal will also see the enterprise offer fitness and nutrition programs, along with lifestyle coaching and employment opportunities within the west midlands.


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However, fitness remains the cornerstone of She Beasts modus operandi. Sadie, who herself has experienced intimate partner violence, has always used sports as a form of escapism from a “tough childhood” in Birmingham.  Today, she is a qualified personal trainer, rebounder fitness instructor and competitive bodybuilder.

Sadie describes She Beasts as an amalgamation of her love for business, fitness, philanthropy, and a desire to see all women thrive. She effortlessly combines her skill and artistry in the world of fitness and her full circle passion as a philanthropist gives women what they need to rise above their traumas.


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“Exercise offers so many benefits, from restoring the nervous system by burning off adrenaline and movement releases endorphins, which combat depression. Exercise is about overcoming challenges week on week and is something you’re in complete control of, whereas domestic abuse robs its victims of control and confidence.”

Her current fitness passion is weightlifting. Having discovered weight training almost five years ago, she is returning to the bodybuilding circuit after a few years away. The mental dedication and commitment required for the sport is excellent training for her clients. She said: “Weightlifting is a lot about mindset, digging deep, overcoming challenges and growing stronger with each session, so it can be a gamechanger for the women we support.”

As Sadie explains further, the “She Beasts sisterhood”, is a community of support that is there every step of the way. “[She Beasts] is not a short-term fix – we’re here for the ladies long-term.”

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