They say if you wish for something hard enough it will come true! Well, the object of many womens’ fantasies, actor, Idris Elba, has put himself up for auction as a Valentine’s Date and is offering one lucky woman the chance to wine, dine and pound yams with him!

Less than two days after the online video featuring the Luther actor inviting bidders for a “romantic evening” involving cocktails, champagne, food and “whatever your heart desires”, and it has had more than 6.1 views!

At the heart of the video is the very real call to action for WE (Women Everywhere) Can Lead, a charity founded by Isha Sesay, well known CNN correspondent. WE Can Lead aims to give young African girls educational opportunity, leadership development and mentoring support to help them become the new generation of female leaders.

Feature pic Isha Sesay - CNN Correspondent
Isha Sesay – CNN Correspondent


Speaking about the charity last year, Isha said:

“I’m from Sierra Leone and this is a beautiful country but one of its biggest issues is the way the girl child is valued and perceived. Too many girls find themselves forced into child marriage, forced into child labour and denied a proper education and teenage pregnancy is the norm.

I believe that every girl in this country, and every girl in the world, has enormous potential and if that potential is unlocked, can achieve tremendous things. And that’s why I created WE Can Lead.”


You can bid until 14 February, go on, it’s all for a good cause.


Isha Sesay – Image Credit: CNN.
Idris Elba – Image Credit: Omaze.


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