Could becoming a vegan be the healthier lifestyle change your body is craving right now? Check out our roundup of vegan chef content creators on the ‘gram to follow for inspirational meal swaps.

Vegan chefs

Not just for Veganuary, Instagram is teeming with vegan chefs whose colourful gallery squares showcase everything from delicious-looking Afro-Caribbean vegan dishes to vegan cheat meals to tempt even the fussiest of eaters.

What you need to know about becoming vegan

Whether your goal is to shift some pounds, reduce your environmental impact or you simply want to try something different, the benefits of a plant-based diet are plentiful. If you want to join the more than 600,000 people in the UK who have switched to a vegan diet, our roundup of vegan foodies on Instagram could inspire you to make the change.

 Tiffany Shirley | @vegan_at_tiffs

Tiffany is a self-confessed foodie and vegan lifestyle influencer, voted ‘Best Vegan and plant-based lifestyle’ influencer by Creative Impact. The Vegan home-cooker from London finds inspiration for her dishes from all over the world. Some of our favourite dishes of hers, include her homemade ‘Jamaican jerk lentil patties’ and her ‘Black-eyed bean curry with plantain, coleslaw and salad.’ Tiffany posts straight forward home cooked meals which even novice cooks can follow.

Esme Carr | @london_afro_vegan

Vegan chefs
Photo 1 from: Pål Hansen/The Observer – Photo 2 from: @london_afro_vegan Instagram

Esme is a vegan chef and culinary genius. She has her own vegan café based in London named Deserted Cactus where she has showcased a gorgeous looking ‘southern fried jackfruit dumpling burger.’ Her main Instagram page features a bunch of yummy vegan dishes, reminding of us of how easy it is to add a little veganism into our diets. If you are more of a visual learner, Esme has a YouTube channel jam packed with tutorials including ‘Rasta Pasta’; ‘Vegan Jollof Inspired Quinoa’ and ‘Jerk Tofu with Butter Beans.’ Yum!

Ebony Williams | @eatwithebs

Ebony is a self-taught vegan recipe creator and restaurant reviewer from Reading, Berkshire. Her Instagram feed is full of colourful, healthy and tasty vegan dishes spiced with Caribbean flare. From her Bajan inspired ‘Chickpea and potato curry with rice and peas, mac pie, dumplings, buttery jerk corn and oyster fried mushrooms’ to her Jamaican inspired ‘Ackee no saltfish.’ There are recipe ideas for all Caribbean food lovers to try. If you fancy a different cuisine, Ebony also has dishes inspired from Italy, China and Thailand!

Alyssa | @plantifulalyssa

This vegan food blogger had our stomachs rumbling! Alyssa home cooks up heavenly vegan alternatives to our favourite Caribbean dishes. Her food speaks for itself; our favourite has to be the ‘Vegan oxtail.’ Who needs meat?

Jam Delish Vegan Restaurant | @jam.delish

If you’re not a culinary expert or are feeling for a takeaway, Jam Delish has you covered! This 100% plant based Caribbean cuisine joint in South London is the perfect cheat night alternative to your usual takeaway. With less calories and a smaller environmental footprint what’s not to love? Treat yourself to their Jerk and BBQ wings or curried prawns this Veganuary. 

Kirley Sue | @kirleysueskitchen 

Kirley is a vegan cook and author focused on making veganism easy for the entire family. Trying to tempt fussy eaters at home can be tricky! Kirley’s cookbook ‘Cooking with Kids’ makes sticking to a plant-based diet a breeze and even the little ones can get involved. The cookbook features familiar favorites with a vegan twist, such as the ‘sweet potato burgers’ and ‘vegetable peanut butter and banana flapjacks.’ Even the finickiest of eaters will enjoy these.

Angelica | @a.h_angelica  

Angelica is an Instagram chef passionate about all things green and plant based. Angelica shares her tasty home cooked vegan meals, best for those who could use a little meal inspiration. Angelica’s newest venture is her vegan treats, and our favorite are her Gooey Oreo chocolate brownies. Veganism doesn’t have to be all vegetables and green, you can have a cheeky treat by following the recipes on Angelica’s Instagram.

Tomi Makanjuola | @vegannigerian  


Tomi is a vegan chef and blogger specialising in Nigerian cuisine. Tomi is a culinary whiz, showcasing a host of aesthetically pleasing foods from main courses to desserts, including a full recipe for ‘Sticky Toffee Christmas Fruit Cake’ (who says Christmas is over) and Yam Pottage (Asaro)’ in a few easy steps on her blog packed full of recipes. Tomi also has an online course where you can learn how to make traditional Nigerian vegan snacks and a free guide to going vegan!

Jeffrey Boadi | @jeffreyboadi

Jeffrey is a vegan lifestyle influencer, focusing on all thing’s health related. Jeffrey has a whole host of healthy vegan dishes and recipes on his Instagram, including a ’30-minute Buddha Bowl’ for those of us who are always on the go and do not have much time to spend in the kitchen.

Gabi | @gabithevegan

Gabi’s Instagram is aesthetics goals! If you’re looking for beautifully plated vegan meals, then you are in the right place. Gabi’s Instagram is the perfect place for meal inspiration as there are tonnes of fun and colourful meals you can whip up at home.

Jasmin | @tspofjasmin

Vegan chefs

Jasmin is a self-taught vegan chef who posts weekly recipes to help new and transitioning vegans, a perfect place to start for anyone thinking about making the switch to veganism. Whether you are in the mood for ‘Vegan Fried Mac n Cheese Balls’ or ‘Vegan Baked Tofu: Jerk Chik’n’, she has you covered.

 Tendai | @plantbased_african

If one of your goals is to shed a few pounds in 2021 then veganism is a great way to kick start your weight loss journey and Tendai is a perfect example. Tendai lost 35kg following a plant-based diet and is sharing her journey with everyone with her meal inspo and free plant-based diet eBook ‘Plantbased Eating the Bantu Way.’

Dixie | @dixies_food_lab


Dixie’s Instagram is a wonderful page to follow if you want to mix Jamaican cuisine with veganism. Dixie has combined the two to give traditional dishes a vegan flare, such as ‘Brown Stew Jackfruit’ and Vegan Stew Peas.

Likkle Dutch Pot Restaurant | @likkledutchpot

Just like your favourite Caribbean cuisine but vegan. The same great food, but meat and dairy free. This small restaurant is a little gem run by Ishmael in West London and offers a modern and authentic Jamaican cuisine with a vegan twist, perfect for a healthy treat.

Jennè Claiborne | @sweetpotatosoul

Jennè is a vegan chef, author, Youtuber, blogger and influencer who has inspired thousands of followers through her vegan recipes, all free via her Instagram. There are enough recipes to last you for weeks! There is so much variety to choose from that you are sure to find a few favourites to cherish.


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