We’re finally being blessed with some sunshine in the UK, so why not clear your schedule and plan the perfect BBQ for your nearest and dearest?


There’s no denying that this year isn’t what any of us hoped for. With travel off the planner for the foreseeable future, we have to find our pleasures where we can and make the best of it. If you’re lucky enough to have some outdoor space, we recommend you take advantage of this unusually sunny weather and organize the perfect BBQ for your family.

In case you need a little inspiration, here’s our roundup of 10 things you need for a perfect BBQ.

A Charcoal BBQ

The first thing that comes to mind when we think of the perfect BBQ grill is the gorgeous aroma that only a charcoal BBQ can give you. So, if you’re also after that undeniable smell, get yourself a charcoal BBQ and you’re one step closer to having the perfect BBQ!

LANDMANN Pedestal Square Charcoal BBQ, Stainless Steel | £69.99 | John Lewis & Partners


BBQ utensils

To make sure you can tend to your grill, you’ve got to have the right utensils. Whether it’s a good spatula or the perfect pair of tongs, utensils could be the difference between faultlessly grilled BBQ food or a hot mess!

House by John Lewis Silicone Tongs, Blue | £4 | John Lewis & Partners



The perfect BBQ is not complete without your favourite tunes blasting out! So, if you’ve not already got them, you’re going to need some portable speakers to create the perfect vibe for your BBQ!

Lexon Mino L Portable Bluetooth Speaker, Soft Gold | £49.95 | John Lewis & Partners


BBQ fuel

Imagine this, you’ve got all the food you love, the drinks, napkins, the music blasting and then you go to turn on the BBQ, but you can’t find the fuel. Heartbreaking! We don’t want this to be really you so make sure you do not forget that BBQ fuel, charcoal, wood chip or whatever else you need for the type of BBQ you have.

Zip Charcoal Briquettes | £3.50 | Tesco


Meat thermometer

Cooking on a grill takes skill, some of us have it naturally and others not so much. Whichever category you fall into it you don’t want to ruin your hard work by taking the meat off the grill before its cooked all the way through. The easy solution is a meat thermometer. With a meat thermometer you eliminate the guess and you can be sure your food is cooked safely. Who doesn’t want that?

Thermapen Classic thermometer | £51.60 | Thermapen


Grill brush

Whether you’re using a new or old grill you’re going to need to make sure you clean it thoroughly after using it, and these days, there’s a tool for that! A BBQ brush is what you need. It’s best to scrub your grill when it’s still warm to get rid of any residue or burnt food.

Grill Cleaning T-Brush | £2 | Tesco


Garden furniture

Okay at the moment you can’t have big party where every aunty, uncle, neighbour, a friend of a friend or people that frankly you’ve never seen before, can attend. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still be comfortable with your nearest and dearest. So, get yourself a chair or maybe a blanket, whatever garden furniture or items you need to be comfortable outside.

House by John Lewis Garden Directors Chair | £55 | John Lewis & Partners


Food & drinks

What’s a BBQ without plenty of good food and drinks? Whether you love chicken, Suya, jerk chicken, veggie burgers, sweetcorn, or kebab skewers. Write a list of all your favourite foods, because the perfect BBQ can easily be ruined if you forget an essential ingredient. Also think about if you need any extras like tinfoil, napkins, side dishes, drinks? Preparation is key!


Outdoor heater

Right now, the weather in the UK is treating us all very well, but let’s face it generally the UK weather is very unpredictable! So, to avoid being caught out by a cool breeze or if you fancy staying outside long into the night. Get yourself an outdoor heater, that way you can be comfortable well into the evening even if there’s a breeze.

KETTLER Universal Patio Heater Lantern, 65cm | £129 | John Lewis & Partners



Green Record Apron
Image credit: Bespoke Binny

If you’re doing a good job tending the grill it may get a little messy but that’s not a problem when you have an apron. You might even want to treat yourself to a bright or personalised apron that you only use when you’re in BBQ mode!

Apron – Green record | £24.99 | Bespoke Binny

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