One of our faves Tracee Ellis Ross is acting and singing in The High Note, a movie about a superstar songstress who refuses to let anything dim her light.

On our watchlist this week is The High Note, a film that caught our eye a fHew months back when Tracee emotionally shared her fears of singing in public with Oprah.

Off-screen Tracee wows us with her impeccable fashion sense, elegance, grace and a voice that was made to be heard. In the trailer she looks amazing (watch it below). This is the role Tracee was made to play, a true superstar!

Tracee’s character, Grace Davis a singer who is struggling to keep the balance between staying current and staying true to her passion for music. Grace is at a point in her career when those around her believe she’s past her prime but with the help of her assistant she decides to take a risk. To prove that despite the odds being stacked against her as a mature Black female singer, she can still achieve her ambitions.

The High Note
Tracee Ellis Ross in The High Note
Image credit: Focus Features

Ice cube also stars in The High Note as Grace’s manager Jack. The film’s soundtrack is produced by Grammy award winner Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins and includes the highly anticipated debut of Tracee’s voice. As the daughter of the legendary Diana Ross, Tracee has previously spoken about the fear, she held about sharing her voice.

“Was it worth taking that risk? It absolutely is and was…”

Tracee told NPR how she felt about overcoming her fear to sing in public:

“Was it worth taking that risk? It absolutely is and was, because it was a fire burning inside me, and it is a piece of my identity that for me, on my own personal journey, which is to wholeness and freedom, is an important element of me walking towards that, and not closing the door on any parts of myself even if it is terrifying to walk through.”

A true Queen! Tracee is living proof of the power and freedom of overcoming your fears and sharing your gifts with the world.

Watch the trailer below

The High Note is available on Amazon Prime  

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