It doesn’t hurt to have a little mystery in a relationship right? I mean, must your partner know every single thing about you? We were curious to see what other women consider worthy of hiding from their partners and toe shaving, chin hair plucking, and secret crushes are just some of the secrets that made the list.

Researchers polled British women and found the average female has a minimum of three secrets. So, what is considered too much information? Those surveyed revealed that they kept their partners in the dark about how many lovers they’ve had and even hating their mother-in-law; so far so wavy then!

honest with other half

According to the poll commissioned by Champneys Spas, as many as 65 percent of women do not tell their partner everything because they claim there are certain things their other half “just doesn’t need to know”.

The top secret is how much is spent on clothes (17 percent fib on this). Okay, okay, so those pumps you wore to dinner last week weren’t really on sale!

What a woman’s real weight is, came second highest (14 percent), with the number of lovers she had before settling down coming third (13 percent).

The poll revealed nearly half (48 percent) of women said they are extremely private when it comes to their beauty regime and would always perform grooming tasks like shaving behind closed doors.



A spokesperson from Champneys said: “Our research showed that more than one in ten (12 percent) of women want to give the illusion they are naturally beautiful and don’t want their partner to know of the laborious beauty tasks they undertake. There are certain things women prefer to keep private from their partners.”

Ladies, he probably knows how ‘beautiful’ you are [rolls eyes], but the way we see it, there is a pretty big difference between keeping a little secret and telling an outright lie!

Most Common Secrets Women Are Hiding From Their Husbands (According To The Nations Wives And Girlfriends):

  1. How much I really spend on clothes 17%
  2. My real weight 14%
  3. How many lovers I have really had 13%
  4. How much I spend on beauty products 12%
  5. I pluck hairs from my chin 10%
  6. I’ve stalked his ex on Facebook 10%
  7. I regularly steal his razor 8%
  8. The size of my overdraft 8%
  9. I shave my toes 8%
  10. I hate his mother 6%
  11. I have a secret crush 5%
  12. I don’t like his friends 5%
  13. I’m still in touch with an ex 4%
  14. I earn more than he thinks 4%
  15. I bleach my moustache 2%

Champneys, the UK’s original health spa, commissioned the survey to launch their new Professional Collection range of bath and body care products, available to buy at all Champneys spa boutiques, City Spas and Boots stores and online.

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