Obsessed with the latest natural hair trends and styles? Often find yourself three hours deep into scrolling through the ‘grams of gorgeous natural hair influencers? Yeah, us too.

And so we should! The natural hair movement is picking up pace and what better place to keep up to date than Instagram, with plenty of natural hair influencers regularly posting their fab hair pics, we’re never short of hair inspiration.

Here’s 15 of our fave naturals:


  1. Cipriana Quann

Natural for 12 years and counting, Cipriana has definitely earned her stripes as one of the most popular natural hair influencers. Her bonce has to be seen to be believed! A model, co-founder/editor of urbanbushbabes.com and with 139K followers, she’s definitely making her mark. Often seen with her twin sister and music artist, tk_wonder who’s also slaying with her natural mane.


  1. frogirlginny (Ginny Pettitt)

Twenty-year old Londoner Ginny created the popular hashtags #HappyFroday and #GoWithTheFro. she has travelled the world spreading natural hair positivity in every country she lands in.

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  1. naptural85 (Whitney White)

Hair and lifestyle vlogger Whitney is regularly posting her new styles and new routines, often featuring her two beautiful children too. Mama goals!

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  1. Jewejewebee (Jewellianna Palencia)

YouTuber Jewellianna often posts snippets of her videos on Instagram and is always open to new styles whether it be with or without heat and with 262K subscribers on her YouTube channel she’s definitely one to watch.


  1. Curlture (Jay and Tri)

These gorgeous ladies have accomplished loads in their natural hair journey; from sprinkling their Black Girl Magic on BET, publishing their affirmation book, Kink and championing the buy-black movement, we’re card-carrying fans! And with their YouTube channel blooming, you’ll definitely want them on your feed.


  1. vic_toryy (Victoria Gomez)

This gorgeous model will leave you so inspired to grow your hair down to your waist that you’ll come off her page and start drenching your hair in castor oil! It’s that real. New Yorker Victoria’s feed is full of hair goals, her style is undeniable and with the motivational post here and there, she should definitely be on your following list.


  1. loccrush (Denise)

This Queen’s locs are sure to make an impact on your feed! Often posting haircare tips and beautiful pictures of her family, she is definitely someone you’ll want to be following. Along with her YouTube channel where she’s often posting more detailed hair maintenance tips.

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  1. afroismassive (Jessica)

London based Contemporary Dance Artist Jessica’s simple yet elegant natural hair posts will add some tranquillity to your feed. And with her often posting fitness inspired pics too, you’ll want to head down to the gym as soon as you follow! With her expanding YouTube channel, she’s definitely someone you’ll want to follow.

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  1. simplycyn (Cynthia Andrew)

With all the different coloured outfits Cynthia uses in her pictures, you’ll never be short of an outfit inspiration post. With all her bold colours paired with her gorgeous crown, she’s definitely someone you want on your feed.

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  1. heygorjess (Jessica Franklin)

Jessica’s cute ‘fro will have you loving your natural hair all over again. She’s also a beauty, fashion, travel AND fitness blogger so you’ll never have to look elsewhere for inspiration. Check out her YouTube too!

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  1. joynavon (Joy Navon)

This beauty’s range of styles will never leave you short of style inspiration. She is also talented in the makeup department so there’s plenty you can learn from her feed. Check out her YouTube channel where she posts about how she takes care of her 4C curls, makeup tutorials, music soul sessions, and vlogs.


  1. naturalneiicey (Shaneice Crystal)

Gorgeous natural girl Shaneice’s feed will have you wanting to try every curly style under the sun! While she shares a YouTube channel with her Boyfriend, called Black Love Lives they are all about empowerment and we are so here for it.


  1. bwatuwant (Britney Watkins)

New York model Britney’s beautiful ‘fro is already on many of our Instafeeds. Her stunning photos also give some extra inspiration and her hilarious videos here and there are definitely a reason to follow her.

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  1. sunitav_ (Sunita)

One of the cutest naturals with one of the fiercest manes! If you’re ever in need of some length or volume inspiration, Sunita’s your girl! Proud New Yorker also has a YouTube channel where she’s uploaded some of her past curly hair routines and travels.

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  1. itsmyrayeraye (Raye Boyce)

One of the longest serving naturals on our feed, spreading positivity and love not only with her Instagram but with her huge YouTube channel with an impressive 1.6M subscribers she is definitely doing something right!

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