Have you ever cheated on your partner? Or perhaps you were the victim? It turns out that in addition to the seasonal rebirth of nature, spring is also a time for renewed cravings for seduction, dating and infidelity! Would you know if your other half was being unfaithful?

A new survey carried out by Gleeden, the European leader in extramarital dating sites, found that when it comes to cheating, men and women have distinctly different ways of covering their tracks when it comes to snatching a moment in the arms of their lover.

While you get over the fact that there is a site dedicated to cheaters, recognise that they have almost 3.4 million members! The survey interviewed 18,000 of them and came up with the following facts.

Generally, adulterers resort to the same tricks and alibis to keep their relationship under wraps. Here are some behavioural tendencies from the survey.


How to cheat on your partner, according to a new study! 54928499 - woman secretly checking her mobile phone in bedroom


Men are: Cautious
Unfaithful men make every effort to preserve their infidelity and are particularly cautious to avoid slip ups. A large majority use a different e-mail address (61%), never leave their mobile phone unattended and give their lovers false names in their contact list.

Some take it a step further and create another bank account exclusively for extramarital expenses, while others admit to having another apartment altogether.


Women are: Confident
Contrary to men, women operate with confidence seeming less nervous about being caught. A clear majority use another email, but they are not so vigilant about keeping their mobile phone on them. 32% of women often rely on their friends and women solidarity to keep their infidelity secret. Although most women address their infidelity with less discretion than men, some always make sure to have a change of clothes at hand and an “infidelity kit” with all their essentials: perfume, makeup, toothpaste, hairbrush, condoms.


The Alibis
To avoid getting caught, cheaters must have a solid and reliable alibi and the most conventional ones seem to do the trick. Professional obligations make the top of the men’s list with 51% of votes, whereas women have a more feminine approach, 66% using the evening out with girlfriends and 58% using some “me time” (shopping, spa) as their favoured excuses. Both have used the excuse of going for a workout, which is technically never a lie, they’re just not doing the working out in a gym! Very few use a much trickier alibi, stating they are visiting family, but the truth is more easily revealed when family gets involved in your affair, especially if your significant other has your parents number.

If your gut is telling you something is up, chances are it’s true, but, readers, don’t become paranoid looking for signs of infidelity where there are none. Not all men/women are cheaters and your partner could very well be working late.


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