If you like your high street restaurant food served with a side of sustainability, then head to your nearest Wahaca for fresh and honest Mexican market food.

Named as Londoners’ favourite restaurant in 2019 (YouGov) Wahaca has been leading the wave of fresh Mexican food for almost fifteen years. However, a big part of the restaurant’s appeal is its progressive approach to sustainability. In 2016, Wahaca became the first UK restaurant to be certified as carbon neutral. However, while their climate conscious ways are a plus, it’s the delicious, Mexican-inspired food that keeps people coming back.

Wahaca Slow Cooked Beef Brisket
Image credit: Melan Magazine

Along with summer temperatures comes the urge for lighter bites and what could be better than Wahaca’s new summer menu featuring a whole host of delicious dishes made with fresh seasonal ingredients?


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A visit to the Wahaca Canary Wharf restaurant on a hot summer day in July, gave the opportunity to sample some dishes from the summer menu.

Our party of four included two fussy eaters who also had food intolerances and allergies. Without prompting, our waitress asked if any of us had allergies and when we answered yes, she produced a special menu and noted down the allergies. She patiently explained that the foods for those of us with intolerances would be prepared separately which was reassuring.

Wahaca Slow Cooked Beef Brisket and Tortilla
Image credit: Melan Magazine

Starting off on a bland note, the Wahaca Colada was on the watery side, you could hardly taste the alcohol, however, that was the only negative. Starting off with some starter nibbles, we ordered tortilla chips and dips. So far so good.

One part of the menu consists of a street food section which is made up of smaller plates, so you are encouraged to choose two or three smaller plates per person or to order several plates and share.


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Our group went for the latter option and ordered the ‘Slow Cooked Beef Brisket’, (lots of great flavours, lightly seasoned, very nice); Sweet Potato Wedges (very sweet indeed, firm and flavourful); Plantain Tacos (basically sweet plantain in a taco with crumbled feta cheese on top, very nice) and a Buttermilk Chicken Taco (a delicious crispy battered chicken, lightly spiced).

Wahaca Plantain Tacos
Image credit: Melan Magazine

Everything we ordered was tasty, however, the hero of the meal was dessert. We recommend the Chocolate and Pecan Brownie. A piece of nutty deliciousness! The brownie to nut ratio is perfect. Served with a vanilla and Dulce de ledge sauce, it was a pleasing final chapter to our meal.

Wahaca Sweet Potato Wedges
Image credit: Melan Magazine

Along with calorie counts per meal, Wahaca has a carbon rating for every dish on their menu to help diners make conscious choices around the dishes that are kindest to the planet – a first for a UK restaurant group!

We enjoyed our visit to Wahaca and found it to be a family friendly, cost-friendly restaurant option. Definitely visit if you want to experience the many different styles of cooking that Mexican food has to offer, in a sustainable way.

Wahaca Chocolate and Pecan Brownie
Image credit: Melan Magazine

To visit any one of Wahaca’s 13 restaurants across the UK, make a booking here.

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