Tracee Ellis Ross’s PATTERN hair care brand is now available in Boots stores across the UK and online.

Founder and CEO of PATTERN Tracee Ellis Ross
Image credit: PATTERN

For Tracee Ellis Ross, PATTERN is a labour of love that she has been developing for more than two decades. In an interview with Refinery 29 Tracee said she first came up with the idea of a hair care range while working on Girlfriends in 2009 after encountering the now familiar predicament of hairstylists who are not trained to deal with Afro natural hair.

Her decision to create a hair care brand was the culmination of a lifetime of scenarios and experiences which confirmed to her time and again that people who chose to wear their hair naturally were simply not being served. However, it wasn’t plain sailing after that. Being a famous personality with the benefits that brings, didn’t protect Tracee from the challenges and hurdles of starting a business and bringing her product to launch. Tracee faced 10 years of roadblocks but remained true to her vision and the promise of the brand.

For Tracee Ellis Ross, PATTERN is a labour of love that she has been developing for more than two decades.
Image credit: PATTERN

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In 2019, she finally launched PATTERN in the United States. This time her celebrity came in handy, and she enlisted the help of famous friends, including Puff Daddy to promote her emerging brand.

Fast forward two years and PATTERN is now available in more than 100 Boots locations, and by early August, more than 600 stores throughout the country will stock the range.

Some of the PATTERN range
Image credit: PATTERN

Due to the challenges, she faced in finding products to suit her beauty needs Tracee is keen that her brand lifts and celebrates natural beauty. Tracee: “From the very beginning of PATTERN, I set out to build a different kind of beauty company – one that is not just about brand sales but expands the narrative around Black consumers.”

A central theme for PATTERN is about empowering and celebrating those on the textured hair care journey. Every detail of the collection – from the packaging to the marketing – is designed with the textured hair community in mind.

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In addition to the very extensive range of  shampoos and conditioners for multiple curl types (medium, coily, and tight-textured), customers at Boots can also stock up on PATTERN styling tools and accessories like hair picks, shower brush and even a tool to style your edges.

Tracee has taken her brand beyond a passion project into the realms of a successful beauty brand and during a recent visit to a Boots store in the UK, captured in an Instagram post, her pride in what she has created was palpable.


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As is the nature of good hair care products, not all of PATTERN’s customers will be Black, but Tracee is clear that her brand is centred around the celebration of Black beauty.

Founder and CEO of PATTERN Tracee Ellis Ross
Image credit: PATTERN

She said: “With PATTERN now being available in the UK, I am reminded of the importance of being a Black-owned business in one of the country’s largest retailers. Today, we are one step closer to creating an industry where the curly, coily and tight textured community is no longer overlooked or overshadowed. Instead, it is centred and celebrated.”

Shop the PATTERN range at Boots here.

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