For a glowing smile and whiter teeth, try these dental expert-approved tips to improve your smile without any additional costs.

Not many things are as off-putting as grimy or brownish gnashers in a smile! For many of us, maintaining bright, white teeth are a fundamental aspect of a good beauty regime.

In addition to the good dental hygiene basics of brushing twice a day and flossing daily to remove dental plaque, the daily use of an interdental brush will: “help to prevent gum inflammation, cavities, bad breath, and other dental conditions”, according to dentist, Dr Darren Weiss from The Humble Co. He added: “Interdental brushes are the perfect complement to toothbrushing and will ensure that the plaque is removed in places where a toothbrush can’t reach.”


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Teeth whitening procedures by dental professionals can vary greatly, from £250 up to a £1,000! With costs to reverse the appearance of unpleasant looking teeth, it makes sense to adopt good habits and follow them consistently. That’s why we spoke to Aesthetic Dental Surgeon, Dr Manrina Rhode to share with us her 5 tips for healthy teeth.

Dr Manrina’s top 5 tips for healthy teeth this summer… 


Electric is best

Brush your teeth with a good electric toothbrush. My favourite is Silk’n  Tooth Wave. Using this for two minutes twice a day will keep your summer stains at bay and your teeth and gums healthy.

Brush your teeth with a good electric toothbrush


Beware of lemon

Lemon drinks can be very refreshing at summertime but acid in lemon can strip your teeth of their healthy enamel so try to limit acidic drinks to food times. Don’t sip them throughout the day either.


Stay hydrated by using a straw

Unless you are hydrating with natural water, always remember to use a straw. Acids and sugars in flavoured drinks can cause chaos with the surface or your tooth.


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Try to avoid red wine

White wine over red if you can. Who doesn’t like a summers picnic with a glass of wine?  White wine is much less likely to stain your teeth than red wine. If you can’t go pure white, then a summery Rosé is a good compromise.

Try these 5 tips for a glowing smile and whiter teeth

Eat foods that clean your teeth

Two good examples are cheese and celery. These are lovely summer snacks and act as detergent foods, so actually clean your teeth as you eat them.

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