Looking for strip eyelashes that pack the wow factor but are still ethical?

The blurb on the Agnes dos Santos brand of false eyelashes highlights their “say no to animal cruelty” ethos and proudly proclaim that their lash products are 100% vegan. All lashes are made from synthetic fibres and can assure you no animal material has been used in the production process.

Having spotted the brand a while back, we were sent a couple of eyelashes from the range to review.

We were sent the Pretty Day lashes (9.99). These are a good look if you are looking to slightly enhance your original lashes. Super lightweight, they also feel very comfortable while on. Pretty day will doubtless be popular for those going for the more subtle and sophisticated look.

However, if you are going for a dramatic, show-stopping appearance then we suggest you opt for the Altima lashes (£21.99). Perfect for a night out, Altima is designed by makeup artist Alicja (Land of makeup). Even with the fuller and more theatrical finish, they still have the signature lightweight feel.

Reviewing: Agnes dos Santos strip eyelashesWe haven’t put this to the test, but further blurb says that the lashes can be used multiple times: “up to 20 times, whilst maintaining their faultless design.”

Overall, we love the obvious high quality of the lashes. To get full marks, we would suggest that the lashes should have come with the glue or a mirror with their sleek packaging.

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