Representation matters at all ages! We’re proud to introduce these five stimulating books from new children’s authors to read to your little ones.

We’re big on children’s books at Melan, regularly showcasing wonderful picture books and novels that capture children’s imaginations and mostly importantly, allows them to see themselves reflected in the characters, in all the ways they should.

It’s wonderful to see how things have changed since when we were young. Nowadays, ever more authors of colour are taking up the mantle to pen engaging books for young readers and we’re here for it.

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Our editorial team regularly receives wonderful books from talented writers, and this month, we are delighted to introduce these five new books from first time children’s authors that your offspring will surely love.

The Adventures of Amma and Kwessi – in Barbados by Joyce Osei


This is a story bursting with adventure and imagination for young readers as they join Amma and Kwessi to soar the skies in their rainbow teacup and saucer. The little adventurers in your life are sure to be filled with wonder and excitement as they discover where Amma and Kwessi’s magical adventure takes them.

A business analyst and Diversity and Inclusion champion in her day job, author Joyce Osei first entertained the idea of writing a children’s book when she became a mother. From an early age, Joyce was fascinated with storytelling and loved to create and tell her own stories. Today, she can share her heartwarming book with her two children.

What’s more, this is the first book in an Amma and Kwessi series so there’s loads more fun to come from the young duo.

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Dylan’s Dilemma – Richmond Osei-Akoto


Honesty and fairness are principles that all children should be taught (let’s face it some adults could do with a refresher too) and this story does just that in a very touching way. Dylan is faced with a dilemma and through the loving bond he shares with his father, he comes to learn about the importance of doing the right thing!

The author, Richmond Osei-Akoto, was born in Ghana in the 80s, his family emigrated to the UK when he was just five years old and he has lived in London ever since. As a parent he wondered what would be the best way to open up discussions with his children about challenging situations. He recalled the many stories he had read or had been told to him growing up and realised the great lessons learned through great stories. These authors inspired Richmond to write his first children’s story, Dylan’s Dilemma.

The book is beautifully illustrated by the talented Leanne Armstrong (Leanne Creative).

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Jacopo Jacopo Football Star by Phina Oruche


Many of you will probably relate to suddenly being tasked with learning how to home-school during a pandemic. Well, Oruche’s search to motivate her son during this unprecedented time birthed her debut novel Jacopo Jacopo Football Star. Jacopo Jacopo is a charming story about a 10-year-old mixed heritage boy determined to see his dream of becoming a Premiership player come true.

A native of Liverpool, the author brings to life this incredible city in her new book. Locals can see themselves and their city in this inspiring story which accurately and invitingly presents Liverpudlian culture to a wider audience. Penning a story about one boy’s footballing journey, Oruche aims to motivate children, particularly young boys, to read more now and in the future. This story will inspire all football lovers young and old.

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Baller Boys by Venessa Taylor


Not enough children’s books speak to our young boys. Which is why former assistant head teacher Venessa Taylor decided to write her book, designed to inspire more boys to read. Baller Boys follows two football-crazy best friends Shay and Frankie in their journey to join the best football club around, All Cultures United. This is a book that has young boys in mind but is ultimately an inspiring and engaging read for all.

Writing the book was Venessa’s lifeline as she lay on her hospital bed battling leukaemia. Venessa, now in remission, wrote from her hospital bed and has described her writing as “both therapeutic and cathartic”, helping to keep her busy and to not solely focus on her diagnosis.

The Baller Boys series feature a diverse range of characters, as the author believes diversity and inclusion in books enables children to belong, participate and see themselves as valuable members of society.

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Welcome to the Party by Gabrielle Union


Movie star Gabrielle Union is already one of New York Times bestselling authors, having penned the must-read We’re going to need more wine, but she turns her hand to a new audience after welcoming a new bundle of joy into her family. Welcome to the Party is a love letter inspired by the eagerly awaited birth of her daughter, Kaavia James Union Wade, affectionately known world-wide as ‘Shady Baby’. This heartwarming tale will touch the hearts of parents, grandparents, siblings, guardians and anyone anticipating the joy of welcoming a new addition to the family.

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