Since bursting on to the R&B music scene with her self-titled album in 1994, Brandy has proved her legendary status time and again. As she celebrates turning 41 today (11 February 2020), we take a closer look at this R&B superstar’s lyrical wisdom that can be used as the perfect soundtrack to our lives.



Brandy Norwood has sold more than 40 million records worldwide, blessing us with classics hits like ‘Sitting Up in My Room’, ‘I Wanna be Down, ‘The Boy is Mine’, Have You Ever’ and most recently a beautiful duet with Daniel Caesar ‘Love Again’. It’s no surprise she’s been crowned the Vocal Bible by fans and critics alike thanks to her unique sound and impeccable riffs.

We feel like we have grown up with Brandy and closer scrutiny of her catchy tunes reveal some hidden depths to her lyrics that we can all learn something from.

Read on for a few of our favourite Brandy lyrics…


Best Friend

Whether I lose or If I win

I know one thing that never changes and

That’s you as my best friend…

Life is full of ups, downs and plenty of twists and turns in between. But knowing we’ll have our best friend or friends by our side through whatever life throws at us is that lifeline we all need. Having a constant buddy, through thick and thin is what helps so many of us to keep pushing through. Everyone needs a friend that they can count on for support and love no matter what. We approve of this message Brandy!

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#brandom in your core there is a small voice that has never led you astray … listen to it when it speaks.. it is the Highest Power in this Universe. You are chosen, you are here for a reason. Say or Write—-dear Supreme, (or whatever word that is sacred that you use to describe a power higher than you) what are your thoughts about me? since before you have asked Spirit has answered, wait for the answer. You will know the answer when it shows up because it will feel like a memory or like you’ve always known it. Think on those thoughts once you have received them. Your life will change instantly. #facts #tbt #WorldPeace #bethechangeyouwishtoseeAllAroundYou 🙏🏾 #freedomRings #brandy25 #94OGSHINE

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What About Us

I don’t need this bullsh*t

I won’t put up with it any longer

You can go if you want…

We all need a bullsh*t radar and knowledge of when to cut the cord when someone crosses the line. Brandy is giving us have nothing but the truth here! And we couldn’t agree more. Life is way too short to be putting up with anyone, whether it’s a partner, friend or a family member who constantly drags you down. Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is to realise you deserve more and let those that bring you more drama than joy, go! In 2020 and beyond it’s time to say goodbye to the bullsh*t and to welcome joy and peace into your life.


Talk About Our Love

How can they talk about our love,

When they don’t know one thing about you…

It’s a shame that relationships don’t come with a button to mute unwanted opinions/advice from third party commentators whether they are friends or family. Really, only the both of you know what’s best for you and yours. Until we get this much-needed life upgrade, let’s learn from Brandy. Let people talk, as long as you feel secure and loved, just drown out the outside noise!


Missing you

Though I’m missing you

I’ll find away to get through

Living without you

Cause you were my sister, my strength and my pride

Only God may know why, still I will get by…

We’ve all lost a loved one, that person who’s left behind a painful gap that can’t be filled. Brandy’s got this one right again, the pain of missing someone can be so heavy. But the point is to acknowledge the pain and remember them. Don’t try to hide the tears, let those tears out. Sometimes the first step is to simply try and face the pain!



You fulfil my every desire

When I’m with you, you take me higher…

If you’re single, dating or you’ve already found your partner, these lyrics by Brandy are surely goals? I don’t know about you, but we think this is exactly the type of passion you should be experience in a relationship. We don’t have time to settle for mediocre connections.

Brandy is the ‘Vocal Bible’ and the gift that keeps on giving, lyrically. Thanks for the music Brandy. We salute you!



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