When we think of Spain, Barcelona, Madrid and the south west coast all come to mind for their glorious weather, cultural heritage and, of course, good tapas and even better wine. However, the usually lesser-known city of Seville has come into the lime light recently, having been voted the top place to visit in 2018, according to The Independent.

The capital of the Andalusian region is packed with cultural sites, marmalade oranges and a beautiful river. It’s often been compared to Rome for its beauty and grandeur.

Here are 10 good reasons for why now is the best time to visit and what you can expect for a springtime adventure in Seville.

  1. The weather is just right. March, April and May are the peak times to visit Seville as it’s not too hot (with an average temperature of 25 degrees) but the weather is still glorious. In the summertime, everyone vacates the city – it’s landlocked so temperatures can reach crazy heights. You’ll be just in time for the orange blossom that perfumes the air around the city.
  2. It’s not as congested as other Spanish cities. Compared with Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia, the beauty of Seville is that it’s a bit of a hidden gem. If you’ve travelled to Rome, you’ll know how gorgeous the city is but also how it’s also a tourist hotbed. Seville has all the beauty of Rome and half the number of tourists.
  3. The food is authentic for a touristic area. If you’ve ever tried to have tapas in Barcelona, you’ll know that a lot of the restaurants are tourist traps. Seville maintains all the authenticity of Spain with its quaint tapas bars and gorgeous restaurants.
  4. The architecture is unique. Like many areas in southern Spain, the Moorish and Arabic influence in the architecture and the structures are really apparent. When visiting the Alcazar of Seville, Cathedral and the Bell Tower, it’s reminiscent of North Africa while at the same time remaining very European.
  5. It’s incredibly romantic. If you’re looking for a romantic weekend away with your other half, Seville is an underrated romance hotspot. There are row boats in the Maria Luisa park just outside the Plaza de Espana and plenty of duck ponds and orange trees.
  6. There are reasonable, direct flights from London. With regular budget airlines such as Easy Jet and Ryanair, you’re looking at about a £250 return for a long weekend. The flight time is around two and a half hours each way, making it a really accessible short-haul destination.
  7. It’s steeped in culture. Wherever you look, there’s culture to be absorbed at every corner. Visit the university or cycle around the city to take everything in and earn your tapas and sangria at the end of it.
  8. You’ll be able to watch authentic flamenco. Considered by many to be the home of flamenco, the Triana district of Seville is full of the stunning music and dance. There are plenty of Tablaos (flamenco venues) for an unforgettable night of entertainment.
  9. You can walk everywhere. The city of Seville is famous for being flat which makes it perfect for walking and cycling. There are a lot of horse-drawn carriages that will trot around the park but if you want to give the horses a break, walking and cycling are great ways to get around.
  10. It’s an amazing place to take photos. If you’re an aspiring photographer or just want some beautiful family or couples’ pictures, Seville is definitely the place for a photoshoot. The endless blue skies, tropical greenery and signature orange trees make for a stunning photo backdrop. 
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