There was something about stepping into the K West Hotel that, even before going down a few floors to the spa, already felt like a sanctuary.

It was a welcome cosmopolitan oasis following the chaos of Monday evening rush hour and, after wrestling your way out of Shepherd’s Bush station, walking into the low-lit hotel foyer feels instantly relaxing.

We were invited to try out the spa facilities and experience one of the quirkier treatments on the spa’s nail bar menu – the Jelly Pedicure…

The Spa

The phrase “hidden gem” instantly comes to mind with the K West Spa, because you would never have known it was there and nor would you have known that it’s been awarded the top rating of “5 Bubbles” in the 2016 Good Spa Guide and crowned “Best Spa” in the World Luxury Spa Awards 2016.

It’s small and doesn’t have a full-length swimming pool but does have everything you need to relax. There’s a quiet relaxation room for guests to use before and after treatment, a place to sample a unique K-West blend of herbal tea, sitting back to enjoy calming music and the gentle sound of a trickling water fountain. Complementary bathrobe and slippers are offered on arrival and the changing rooms provide Aromatherapy Associates shampoo, conditioner, soap and lotion, not to mention unlimited towels, a hairdryer and hair straighteners.


Beauty review: What did we think of K West Spa’s Jelly Pedicure?
Image Credit: Luxe PR.


The Facilities

The Wet Spa features a Snow Paradise, a twinkling Hydrotherapy pool, sanarium, sauna and an aromatic herbal steam room. There’s also a Sun Meadow: a relaxing sunlight-therapy experience to top up natural Vitamin D levels and is another place to lay down and relax.

Home to the first Snow Paradise in London, the facility was made by German spa specialists, Klafs. Filled with natural snow, made from air and water, the cabin is chilled to the icy temperature of -15ºC. Going in there in a swimsuit is a horrible but strangely satisfying experience that mimics the Finnish tradition of ‘Hot-Cold Therapy.’

Alternating between the freezing snow paradise and jumping straight into the steam room or sauna has supposed health benefits as it stimulates the body’s circulation which improves the respiratory health and immune system, and can work wonders for skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and cellulite.


Beauty review: What did we think of K West Spa’s Jelly Pedicure?
Image Credit: Luxe PR.


The Treatment

What is the Jelly Pedicure? It includes a normal pedicure, such as cuticle work, massage, file and paint and moisturising but the foot soak is where the difference lies. The therapist will place your feet into warm water and then add crystals which turn to luxurious and silky pearls of fluffy ‘jelly’, encasing your feet with a weird and wonderful feeling.

The jelly retains the water heat four times longer than usual so your feet will be soaking in warm comfort and feels uniquely soothing (and sort of like putting your feet into pudding.) After a while, the therapist will file your skin with a very soft file – the jelly works wonders on softening skin for a long time after the treatment and absorbs moisturiser like a dream.

Once your therapist has worked the magic, another powder is added to the jelly pearls that, as if by magic, turns them back into liquid. After a file and polish, your feet will be left feeling fully hydrated and velvety soft.


Beauty review: What did we think of K West Spa’s Jelly Pedicure?
Image Credit: Luxe PR.


The Verdict

Over a week later and the pedicure is still fresher than ever. The technique of soft filing rather than using harsh exfoliating methods or razors mean that results last longer and is therefore more sustainable in terms of up-keep.

Regular beauty treatments such as manicures and pedicures are a great opportunity to spoil yourself once a month and there’s no better way to unwind and relax than with a spa evening and pedicure.

If you’re someone who suffers from dry heels or find that your feet never stay soft after even an expensive pedicure, we recommend you give this Jelly Pedicure treatment a try.


The Nail Bar

K West Hotel & Spa

Richmond Way


W14 0AX


£60 for 55 minutes, for reservations call 020 8008 6600 or visit the website


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