Whether you are thinking of having Botox to smooth out a few fine lines or were just wondering about the prospect of them, here at Melan Mag we believe that everyone is free to do as they want as long as they are well-informed.

In the words of Halle Berry in an InStyle interview about Botox last year, “do what works for you…I think that’s something everyone needs to decide for herself. I’m not going to preach about whether it is good or bad” and we agree.

Everything you didn’t know about Botox

Whether you choose to or not, we decided to get the scoop from Dr Jules Nabet; a renowned cosmetic doctor ranked as one of the top Botox doctors in the UK to tell you everything you didn’t know about the youth injections.

  1. In the first year you start Botox, you need to keep up appointments more regularly. Ideally three to four times a year, to be exact until the muscles get used to ‘relaxing.’ After this initial period, you’ll need to top up about every three to six months or so, according to skin type and age.


  1. When you first get Botox, although you’ll see effects immediately, it can actually take up to seven days for the full effect to show up so don’t be alarmed if it hasn’t given you baby skin straight away. Generally speaking, results are seen within 72 hours after injections.


  1. Ask your doctor to check that they deem Botox safe for you but all pregnant and breastfeeding women as well as people with neuromuscular diseases will be turned away for Botox.


  1. Good Botox takes into account the individual facial symmetry. Some people will need more on one side of the face than the other. The facial muscles you use the most vary with everyone, so the injections will too.


  1. The biggest mistake people make with Botox is to have too much. As with most things, less if more. Your face should never be frozen and if it is, you’ve had too much. A small amount can go a long way so be patient when waiting for results.


  1. There isn’t a right or wrong age to start get Botox. It’s all down to genetic make-up, sun exposure, age and personal preference. Do what is right for you.


  1. In general, men will need more Botox than women. Due to the fact that males generally have stronger muscles, their lines are deeper and more pronounced.


  1. Botox and fillers are not the same thing, although they are commonly mistakenly used interchangeably. Often administered together to treat the face as a whole, the two products are actually very different. Botox relaxes the muscles, while filler is used to add volume to areas that become hollow with age.

As Dr Nabet says, the aim should be for people to say to you, “you look well, you look healthy”, not “what have you had done”! Either way, we say, “Do you boo!”


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