We love the way that a new year inspires us to create changes in our lives and while we’re not advocates of the whole ‘brand new you’ or ‘total reinvention’ school of thought, we do recommend trying to be your very best, all year round!

It’s always good to get a little help though and WOW Beauty’s latest event, taking place at The Soho Hotel in London on 31 January 2018, could be just what you need.

The Wellbeing Zone will feature an ace panel of dynamic holistic wellbeing experts, eager to share their knowledge and insights. Find out who they are below.

Why you need to be at the WOW Beauty Wellbeing Zone

Denise Rabor, founder of WOW Beauty, an online platform to celebrate the beauty of diversity, is passionate about helping her clients be their best selves.

She said: “You’ve probably been thinking about how to prepare yourself to maximise your potential in 2018 maybe there are changes that you want to make, changes that you’ve been thinking about but haven’t actioned. Sometimes it’s the small changes that we make that enable us to move forward.”

She continued: “We believe that to be able to achieve all that we desire, we need to be on top form and in our experience that means that we need to be able to take a holistic view of ourselves and our lives… mind body and spirit: our experts will support you to consider your current state of wellbeing and enable you to see where you can make small but long lasting improvements… it’s not about a new you, it’s about an optimised you for 2018!”

Sounds like just what we need, after all, self-care is never selfish!

To book your tickets, click here: For an exclusive 20% discount, Enter Nova, Michelle or Malminder in the promotional code box.

Meet the experts

Why you need to be at the WOW Beauty Wellbeing Zone

Why you need to be at the WOW Beauty Wellbeing Zone

Why you need to be at the WOW Beauty Wellbeing Zone

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