During the month of January, we attended the Lumiere London Dinner in the Dark extravaganza at Chino Latino on the Albert Embankment, where gin cocktails were flowing and the Pan Asian restaurant served up their newest Asian Pickle menu, romantically lit up by only candles and lanterns.

If you’re doing Dry January and you’ve made it this far, we salute you. Others may have chosen to celebrate Ginuary instead (we salute you too). Ginuary is pretty much the anti-thesis of Dry January, where people are encouraged to discover and celebrate different types of gin sprits. If this sounds more up your street, we’ve got some sassy new tipples, inspired by Chino Latino. Best thing about them? You can make them at home too.


Martini for Melissa

Four gin cocktails you need to try, this #Ginuary, and beyond!
Image Credit: @samphireandsalsify

Not a Martini at all, this cocktail isn’t for the faint-hearted and really packs a punch. It’s an herbaceous explosion that’s fresh and distinctive with a beautiful citrus and minty finish.

  • Pour 55ml of Warner Edwards “Melissa” botanical gin with 15ml of Noilly Prat into a chilled Martini glass
  • Garnish with lemon zest and fresh lemongrass.


Victoria’s Rhubarb Gin Sour

Four gin cocktails you need to try, this #Ginuary, and beyond!
Image Credit: @warneredwards

Soulful and sour, this rhubarb kick is sweet and tangy, a perfect mixing ingredient for an exotic twist on a gin cocktail.

  • Mix 50ml of Warner Edwards Rhubarb Gin and 25ml of lemon juice, egg white and a dash of sugar.
  • Pour all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker and dry shake.
  • Add lots of ice and shake again.
  • Pour into a tumbler glass over ice.
  • Garnish with lemon zest and angostura bitters.


Monkey Sloe n Soda

Four gin cocktails you need to try, this #Ginuary, and beyond!
Image Credit: @monkey47_dry_gin

Monkey 47 sloe gin is a peppery and tangy original taste, made from gin and Black Forest sloes. Topped with soda and lemon peel & mint garnish, this cocktail is to be enjoyed with slow jazz music…

  • 50ml of Monkey 47 sloe gin
  • pour into a high ball filled with ice
  • top with soda and garnish with lemon peel and mint.


Preserved lemon and cardamom G&T

Four gin cocktails you need to try, this #Ginuary, and beyond!
Image Credit: @plymouthgin_es

Funk up your average G&T with a special gin mix of Plymouth Navy gin infused with preserved lemons, cardamom seeds and peppercorn. At 57% volume, this gin is quite an impactful one, but once mellowed with tonic, it’s refreshing and zingy.

  • Pour 50ml of Plymouth Navy infusion gin into a highball filled with ice
  • Top up with premium tonic and garnish with orange zest and cracked black pepper.


Always make the right choices when drinking. Be drinkaware.

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