The road to being an entrepreneur is long and the truth is, there are no short cuts. Our life coach, Madeline McQueen, gives tips on how to dig deep and be your own hero when times get tough.

Like everyone, I’ve been through some really tough times in my life. I remember hoping, praying, lamenting and focusing on wanting someone to save me from my circumstances.

I’ve struggled financially, which is always exacerbated when you have children. I’ve boot-strapped both of my businesses, over stretched myself both emotionally and financially. Exhausted all of my favours with family and friends. I’ve had times when I just couldn’t sleep because of looming bills and the lack of funds to pay them. It seemed that Murphy’s Law was out to get me, Baby.

There was time when we called our house “The house of broken things” because it seemed that everything was either breaking or broken. When you are struggling financially you can’t afford to fix things, so they stay broken and become useless. Even still, you hold onto these broken things because you believe that “something is better than nothing.” In truth, they just need throwing away, but you hold on hoping to fix them… one day.


I learned a lot during those times:

  • I learned that no one was coming to rescue me from my circumstances.
  • I learned that expecting a miracle cheque to come through the letter box to solve my problem was not just unrealistic, but ridiculous.
  • I learned that expecting change without doing anything different was the recipe for no change at all.
  • I learned that my focus on my problems kept me focused on my problems enticing only more problems.
  • I learned that the lottery, Readers Digest competition and other such things were a fool’s game.
  • I learned that nothing happens overnight.
  • Most importantly, I learned that I needed to be my own hero.

Now let me put a caveat in place – I take nothing away from belief systems and religion. If you look at any of the Tomes (religious books) you’ll find that they all promote the premise that “Faith without works, is dead.” What does that mean? It means that faith isn’t enough – you’ve got to take action!

You may not be struggling financially, it might be your relationships, your job, your health or business, etc. Either way, you have to change your focus and take action if you want to see the positive changes in your life.


So, how do you become your own hero?

  1. Stop expecting other people to save you – no one is coming. This doesn’t mean that there are not helpful people in your life but understand that no one can fix you and it’s not their job to do so, it’s yours.
  2. Stop expecting a cheque through the door – you have to create more income and even if you get the cheque it will need to be paid back at some stage and debt is not the answer.
  3. Stop hoping that change will turn up – it won’t, unless you make changes to help it happen.
  4. Focus on solutions and how you can make your life different – when we look for solutions they start to present themselves as our creative mind starts to work out what needs to be done. Positive people attract positive outcomes.
  5. If you need more education then go get it – There’s lots of free content on the internet, start reading or pick up the phone and ask someone who knows. You don’t have to go on a course and you don’t have to spend money, but if you can, then do so.
  6. Focus on the kind of life you want – when you get clear and specific about what you want it is amazing how heaven and earth conspires to help you achieve it.
  7. Believe in your ability to succeed and overcome. Know that you can and will make it. Belief is the fuel that keeps you going.
  8. Review your skills, talents and experience and then look at how you can use them to achieve what you want. You’ll be surprised at just how awesome you are.
  9. Get on with it – success comes from taking action.


I can’t tell you what your success should look like, you have to determine that, but whatever it is for you, go for it – hook, line and sinker!

There is so much that you can do to create the life that you want. Every success story you see didn’t happen overnight. It took time, focus on the solutions, personal development, action and hard work all underpinned by belief in a better outcome.

Raise your vibration, see the possibilities, take action on the opportunities and make it happen. It starts with you – Be Your Own Hero!

Madeline is launching a new mastermind programme for women in business who want more. For more information and to join. visit the: PowHer Programme.

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