“I really believe there are things nobody would see if I didn’t photograph them.”- Diane Arbus

We all know that first impressions count, probably more than they should, but that’s the world we live in. You don’t often get the chance to go back and change people’s perceptions after they’ve made up their mind. This rule also applies in business.

As an emerging entrepreneur, it can often be tempting to cut corners, often due to costs and lack of experience, but there are some areas that we believe you should never scrimp on. Your business needs to be visible and easily available to your customers. We believe that business owners should consider hiring a professional photographer for their professional headshots or to capture product imagery.

The importance of having good photography in your small businessWe asked our resident photographer, Jodine Williams, (ShotbyJo) about the importance of good photography for small businesses.

What is your business about?

The importance of having good photography in your small businessI run a photography business with a special focus on weddings, brand and fashion bloggers events. I mainly work with Afro-Caribbean models, bloggers and businesses because I feel that there is not enough support in this area.

Many of the brands I work with haven’t done a shoot before so I use my personality and professional experience to put them at ease so that it’s a fun shoot/experience. I really value working with new or start-up brands as I know first-hand the passion, heart and work that goes into these.


What brands have you worked with so far?

I have worked with a number of brands so far, including:

The importance of having good photography in your small businessRoot attire: this is a new t-shirt brand that will be launching soon. This brand sells a range of different unisex t-shirts. I did a photoshoot with them to capture photos for their website. These photos were shot in studio and on location.

The importance of having good photography in your small businessHouse of Petitz: is an African brand that sells clothes, accessories and home décor draped in beautiful African fabric. I have worked with this brand on a number of occasions, taking photos of their products, models in everyday settings, all to allow their customers to see how the products can be worn and what they look like on the average Joe or Jill.

The importance of having good photography in your small businessI also enjoy working with individuals on photoshoots for their professional profiles. A good headshot on a LinkedIn profile or on a website leaves people with a good impression of you.


Two reasons why business owners should hire a professional photographer?

  • Good quality photos can showcase your product and service in a unique way. Successful businesses work because their audience buy into the belief that they have a quality brand. Good quality imagery can help you achieve this.
  • The photographer can guide you on concepts and creative ideas that you may not have considered.



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