There are no short cuts to being an entrepreneur. The road is long and hard, with numerous bumps and curveballs thrown in for good measure. However, one skill, if carefully developed and nurtured, could make the journey that much smoother.

Your personal brand is the window to your business and one woman is on a mission to help women polish and develop their brand through the launch of her debut book, The Personal Brand Bible for Ambitious Women: Featuring Success Secrets from Six-Figure Trailblazers.

Marielle Legair, a communications strategist, speaker and founder of Women Who Influence is determined to help as many female entrepreneurs as she can by helping them identify professional opportunities and become more visible in their industry. Bursting with practical advice, the book outlines all you need to create a unique personal brand, from being clear on what you want to be known for, key elements to consider when showcasing your expertise, how to network effectively, and how to use publicity and partnerships to elevate your message.

The ultimate personal brand guide for ambitious womenMarielle said:

“Taking the time to build your personal brand is no longer a nice to have, its essential to success. We’re moving to a place where people want to form a connection on a personal level and be part of the journey. Hard work and talent is not enough, people must do all they can to become known for their expertise.”

The trailblazing women featured in the book include, 24-year-old Natalie Diver, founder and CEO of OMGDetox, a nutrition brand; CEO of BossBabe, a global community for millennial women; Tonya Rapley, founder and CEO of MyFabFinance; and Nana Darko an Oxford-educated finance lawyer.

The ultimate personal brand guide for ambitious womenWe leave you with three of Marielle’s top tips to build your personal brand:

  • Perfect Your Pitch – You get what you pitch for. Get good at sharing what you do and the impact you make in a way that leaves people excited to work with you.
  • Keep Track – Note down key achievements throughout the year and continually seek feedback from colleagues and/ or clients through testimonials. It’s easy to lose track. Hard work and talent aren’t enough if you are not proactively communicating the direct value you bring to the table.
  • Build a ‘board of advisers.’ No one achieves success alone. Your advisers could be friends with the same mindset, mentors and someone in their industry who is a few years ahead. Also, a career coach who can help with accountability and to push through the mental blocks that will inevitably come up when reaching towards a big goal is invaluable. Surrounding yourself with people who have done what you want to do will always be time and money well spent.


Buy your copy of the book, here.


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