Liam Charles was undoubtedly our favourite contestant on popular Channel Four show, The Great British Baker, and now that he has left the tent, the eighth baker to do so, his cheeky, loveable charm will be missed.

The 20-year old student, from Hackney in East London, who has been baking for only four years, served up some yummy creations, and even made star baker in Pastry Week.

Here he talks about his time on the show…

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What was your first impression when you first walked into the tent?
I remember the other bakers were all very excited and talkative, but it took me a good 10 minutes to get my head round it, synch it and realise actually where I was. When I got to Week 4 or 5, I was getting used to it, but it was still a bit dream like. In fact the whole experience even up to now, seems a bit unreal.


How was it to be the youngest baker in the tent?
It meant I got lots of mothering and fathering from the bakers, with some really good advice on baking and how to cope in the tent. Even though it’s a mixed age range, as bakers we all bonded together really well and still socialise. We are now planning a night out at Nandos, as some of the Bakers have never been. I am going to take them and tell them what to order – I know the menu inside out!


What support have you had?
Now, I am called Cake Boy more at uni and on social media it’s nuts. They have all been so supportive, particularly when I was doing badly in Week 3, and Twitter and Instagram followers pick up on the facial expressions I make when the other bakers are getting judged. I do try and hide my expressions but it’s how I am, and people my age particularly pick up on it.


How have your family reacted?
I have had such great support from my friends and family – my mum and my nan have both cried tears of joy. I said to my mum I go through the exact emotions watching it that I went through in the tent as it was happening, it’s weird to relive it, you try not to but you can’t help it. When I got the Hollywood Handshake it was like virtual reality when I saw it on screen, I felt the same elation that I felt in the tent. My dad, Uncle Robert [who is a great mentor for me in life], my cousins and nephews have been watching it and loving it. They enjoy the whole programme, not just watching me.


What was your best moment?
My best moment probably has to be in the first week because obviously my first two challenges were very mediocre. And then to go from mediocre to my Showstopper where Paul and Prue really praised it, I suddenly thought then that I am here for a reason. I started to feel a bit more confident and not so in awe of the other bakers.

My time on GBBO by Liam “Cake Boy"!
© Matt Tomlinson/Love Productions

How will you remember your Bakeoff experience?
I can look back – probably tomorrow morning I think – and say I smashed it. Onwards and upwards now, it’s not the end of me, it’s just the beginning. I am coming back for Paul Hollywood’s job in a couple of years time ha ha!


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