Why you should consider a health screening this World Menopause Day; yes, even if you are still only in your 40s!

The thought of starting the menopause draws mixed feelings among many women, from elation at the prospect of no more periods to fears that they may no longer feel like ‘a woman’. However, most of us don’t really give it much thought, after all, symptoms don’t generally start until we are well into our 50s right? Wrong!

There are increasing reports of women starting the menopause in their 40s and sometimes even younger. Leading doctors are using the occasion of World Menopause Day (18 October 2017), to urge women to consider a health screening to rule out any uncertainty.

While the average age of starting the menopause in the UK is 51, many women could indeed be experiencing symptoms already, but a busy lifestyle prevents them from getting things checked out.

Menopause expert, Tania Adib, a consultant gynaecologist at Queens Hospital and Twenty-Five Harley Street Day Clinic, said:

“Women tend to look after everyone but themselves. So, World Menopause day is an excellent opportunity to take a pause and really look at one’s health and find out whether there are solutions to niggling issues caused by hormonal changes.”

Furthermore, health screening, which is freely available at your GP when you turn 40, is extremely important as it could uncover more serious illnesses like osteoporosis and cancers.

Tania Adib explained: “The risk of developing ovarian cancer gets higher with age. Most breast cancers (8 out of 10) occur in women who are over the age of 50. Most ovarian cancers develop after menopause, but are not unheard of in younger women.”


So, knowledge is power. If you’re over 40 and haven’t had a health screening yet, call up your GP practice, especially if you have been experiencing some of the following symptoms.

Symptoms of the menopause

• Sleeplessness
• Hot flushes
• Night sweats
• Low mood
• Loss of libido
• Vaginal dryness
• Weight gain
• Higher risk of osteoporosis

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