A UK-based festival to showcase the work and challenge perceptions of black women and women of colour in front of and behind the camera is launching this autumn. Women Of The Lens Film Digital Broadcast Festival kicks off on Friday 10 November at the iconic venue Goldsmiths Curzon, London.

Don’t miss the Women of the Lens festivalThe brainchild of Jennifer G Robinson, the festival will feature 54 productions, 14 Themes and five panels of debate. Jennifer said; “I’ve been overwhelmed by the response to the festival. It demonstrates to me the growing potential of what’s being created and my responsibility to filmmakers as they submit their precious creations. The stories contained in the festival highlights the multi-faceted complexities of black women and women of colour. The stories show that these women’s stories are human stories, and are stories that can be enjoyed by all audiences irrespective of their ethnicities. I’m excited by the coming events and humbled by the support received.”

Don’t miss the Women of the Lens festivalHere’s a line-up of some of the productions to look out for:

Can She Get Her Sexy Back?!: The sexuality of black and brown women have been up for grabs historically. The festival screens Spike Lee’s Girl 6 and will include a panel discussion to challenge the perceptions of black women’s sexuality in film and how to get back the power of her sex.

(Friday 10 November, Curzon)


Bonds That Bind: Family comes with many ideological messages. Bound by blood but not always by heart. These messages are explored as people navigate their way through notions of duty, loyalty and love.

(Friday 24 November, The Cinema Museum)


Sugar And Spice And All Things Black Girl: Black girlhood in film is often fraught with representational issues. Cue films such as Girlhood, Beasts Of The Southern Wild, Eve’s Bayou and most lately STEP. Look out for the panel discussion where conversations will attempt to explore how black girls can reclaim their own innocence within childhood.

(Saturday 25 November, The Cinema Museum)


The Trouble With Women: What are the life experiences that define ‘womanhood’? Are society’s definitions firmly bound? The Trouble With Women Theme offers first-hand experiences.

(Saturday 25 November)


Who Do You Think You Are?! Chapter One and Two – Tribute To A Classic: For women and other people categorized as ‘minorities’, the concept of identity is an ever-present one. The festival was overwhelmed with submissions in this theme, so much so that there’re two different screenings. The festival also pays tribute to the film Burning An Illusion, directed by acclaimed filmmaker Menelik Shabazz. The screening will be preceded by a panel discussion and introduction of the film.

(Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 November, The Cinema Museum)


Self-Well, Self-Full, Well-Ness, Well-Being: Mental health is a subject which is still a taboo subject in society and one which is rarely discussed without fear and uncertainty. This is often reflected in film. This attitude towards mental health often keeps people isolated, harbouring feelings that they are alone. These films are accompanied by a panel discussion, which attempts to unpack our issues around mental wellbeing.

(Friday 24 November, The Cinema Museum)


Power In The Feminine: Taking power in self and one’s sexuality is powerful and is a theme the festival will tackle throughout. This selection of film embodies the feminine and takes pleasure in desire, autonomy, choice and acceptance of self in whatever form.
(Saturday 25 November, The Cinema Museum)

For more information, to book and to see a full list of productions, visit Women of the Lens

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