We live in an age of superfoods; almost every day a new wonder food is discovered that promises to have amazing health benefits. Well, we’ve got one more for you to try. If you haven’t heard about Black Seed Oil yet, where have you been?

Why you need to know about Black Seed OilMany of us are familiar with the health benefits of certain oils and use them in our everyday arsenal of natural wellbeing staples, from helping our hair to grow to aiding digestion. Often times, these oils are not newly discovered, but have been used for generations. The use of Black Seed Oil, goes back even further with historical accounts of it being used by Cleopatra for her skin and hair!

While we stop short of calling it a ‘miracle oil’, Black Seed Oil, which comes from the Nigella Sativa plant, native to Asia, has advantages across the board; from beauty to health, its benefits appear endless. Studies have shown that it can be useful for Asthma, eczema and digestion. Further research has also shown that this blessing of an oil can also help cancer patients by inducing cell death in cancerous cells within the body and can also help protect against some of the dangers of radiation during treatment. It has also been proven to help with heart and immune health.

Why you need to know about Black Seed OilThe list of positive benefits goes on. From helping to reduce acne, wound healing and scarring, to application of the oil to toughened skin to soften that area.

It goes without saying that you should seek expert advice before using the oil, particularly when it comes to how you use it. Our research has shown that there are countless ways that you can extract the benefits of Black Seed Oil, from ingesting it, inhaling it to rubbing it on affected areas.

With such an impressive list of benefits, we don’t know about you, but Black Seed Oil is one item that we will be stocking in our larder.


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