Have you got your tickets to the upcoming Hair In Motion Expo yet? What are you waiting for?

Award-winning Capital Xtra broadcaster Abrantee, and mentor and veteran DJ/radio presenter Jenni Steele are hosting the event, which is taking place between (22-23 September 2017), at the Hilton Metropole in London.

We are huge fans of Jenni and couldn’t pass up the chance to find out more about her distinctive hair and what we can expect on the day.

Melan Magazine: What are you most looking forward to at the expo? 
Jenni Steele: Everything from working with DJ Abrantee to meeting Anthony Cuts and Tokyo Stylez. This is going to be a great two days for hair and everyone working in this industry.


The one and only Jenni Steele to co-host the Hair in Motion Expo


MM: You’ve got very distinctive hair, why red?
JS: I never coloured my hair in my younger days and my natural colour is black so if I was going to do something with impact, my choices were red or blonde! Blonde can be a little dry and high maintenance so I chose red. Over the last two years I have mixed my own shade and it’s brighter than ever. Nearly four years on and it’s become my signature look!


MM: How do you keep it in good condition?
JS: It’s unrelaxed and well treated with regular treatments in between colour. I don’t use too many different products on it and my roots are topped up every 10-12 weeks by an experienced colour specialist / hairdresser so I can’t take credit for that.

These days I am not scared to trim the ends as I recognise it’s important for my hair growth and keeping my hair healthy.


MM: Anthony and Tokyo are mega superstars in the hair style industry, why do you think they are so successful?
JS: They are unique, bold, creative and extremely talented in their field! They have definitely mastered their craft and it is indeed art!


The one and only Jenni Steele to co-host the Hair in Motion Expo


MM: How important is self-worth linked to image?
JS: It’s very important. We have to remember that self-worth is about how you value, think and really feel about yourself deep down from the inside out. A low sense of self-worth can lead to depression and anxiety.

Image is how other people see you on the outside. Personally, I am a big believer in developing self-awareness. It’s one of my key personal development principles I used to rebuild my confidence after my experience of being in an unhealthy relationship.

You can find more about this from me in Wounds to Wisdom, Chapter 10.


MM: What can we expect on the day?
JS: Giveaways, competitions, master classes, exhibitions of products plus meet and greets! What more could you want!

We have two tickets to Hair in Motion to give away over the next couple of weeks, so follow us on Instagram for updates! 


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