If you haven’t yet heard the addictive, smooth rhythm of Rapper/MC Ché Lingo’s “Black Girl Magic”, you soon will, as we predict it will be a summer anthem after its release on 21 July 2017.

If you could bottle Black Girl Magic, it would sound like this!

Ché’s musical stylings can be described as melodic rap, fused with intense lyricism. He has already performed alongside the likes of Lady Leshurr, and Stormzy, to name a few, and enjoined success with previous tracks, Better Versions and ZUKO (which racked up 100,000 hits in less than a month), but we wanted to know what compelled the 25 year old, south west Londoner to write a song celebrating black women? He told us exclusively:

“I wrote the song because the black woman is one of the most unappreciated individuals on earth and being raised by black women, and a large portion of my supporters and fans being black women/girls I wanted to add my love and adoration to the “Black Girl Magic” movement and give something to them that lets them know they are appreciated and celebrated.”

If you could bottle Black Girl Magic, it would sound like this!

This track is sure to resonate with the movement that it’s based on. Explaining his perception of it, Ché continued: “Black Girl Magic is a balanced understanding of the unwavering feminine energy a black woman, who understands herself and her goals, exudes when she is unquestionably happy. A black woman’s smile is one of my favourite things in life, especially my little sister/mum/grandma’s smiles. They made me who I am.”

If you could bottle Black Girl Magic, it would sound like this!

The Black Girl Magic track is released on Ché’s second EP, Anime & Chill.



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