Serena Williams is one of the greatest athletes ever, period! Let’s call it like it is.

The contribution, both she and her sister, Venus, have made to tennis, and the world of sport in general, is immense, yet, unlike many other sporting superstars, she has emerged relatively scandal-free and well-grounded. With a rumoured $170 million fortune, there are also no reports of extravagant spending habits. She recently shed some light on some of the financial rules that she follows in an interview she gave to Kneading Dough on Uninterrupted.

Four financial lessons we can all learn from Serena WilliamsDuring the interview with Maverick Carter, a blooming Serena Williams was frank, giving revealing insight into what drives her; she is extremely passionate and an advocate for equal pay for women in sports; “I just want to open the door for the next person”.

I mean, who else can win a major grand slam title while pregnant? We highlight four tips that we can all learn from her for healthier and more balanced finances.


Be passionate

It’s easy to fall into the trap of chasing money instead of our passion and this takes us through a frustrating merry-go-round as we get stuck in jobs that we don’t like; earning money that doesn’t match the work that we put in. But as the saying goes, chase your passion and money will chase you. Serena illustrates this fact by revealing that she never really cared about money when she started playing tennis and never even bothered to pick up her first $1 million cheque for a whole year, needing to be reminded. She said: “I never thought about a cheque so I never picked it up myself. I just played for the love of the sport.” Today, she is among the richest sports people in the world, because she followed her heart and did what she loves.


Four financial lessons we can all learn from Serena WilliamsMake financial decisions for yourself

“I have made every financial decision in my life since I was a teenager.” From a young age, her father made it clear that he would never manage her finances and so growing up, she took on this responsibility. This has obviously helped her grow as an independent woman. If you don’t have the knowledge, seek it. Get the financial nous for yourself so that you can plan your financial future like a boss.


Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

On making financial decisions, she said: “I have made some good ones and definitely some bad ones and this made me grow.” This is key and an important step in shaping your own financial path.


Money isn’t everything!

“Growing up, I never felt broke, but looking back”, [she laughs]. Serena revealed that growing up her needs were simple so she didn’t get carried away when the money started coming in.

“I never felt like I needed anything because growing up my parents made us feel comfortable even in a two-bedroom apartment. So when I came into money I never felt like I needed to buy anything.” Serena said with a smile on her face.

She hopes to impart these same values to her baby, saying: “If my kid would grow up like me, I couldn’t want anything more than what I had for my child.”



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