With the ever-present need for more black donors to give blood, if you’ve ever considered the idea of giving blood, but never got around to it, why not sign up today 19 June 2017, the start of National Blood Week?

Join the #ImThere campaign and sign up to give blood
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The tragic incidents of the last few weeks in London and Manchester has seen the emergency services stretched and working around the clock to treat the injured. Their job would have been impossible without the steady supply of blood donated by people who give up their time to help the NHS.

Last year, 900,000 people came forward to help critically ill patients. As part of the week, the #ImThere campaign encourages existing donors to share why they give blood and to encourage new donors to come on board.

The Blood and Transplant team says:

“We urgently need more black donors to help patients with sickle cell; a serious condition and the fastest growing genetic blood disorder in the UK. Please speak to your friends and family who have black heritage and ask them, if they can, to donate.  Ask them to visit blood.co.uk.”

So, what are you waiting for? Why not pay it forward?

Join the #ImThere campaign and sign up to give blood
DONATION: Rugby star Maggie Alphonsi giving blood for the first time.




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