Few images evoke a more queenly profile than a woman wearing a headwrap in our opinion.

An African print headwrap crowning the head of a ‘sistah’ makes a bold cultural, religious and latterly, conscious fashion statement and many unapologetic black women are embracing the look as they go about their day.

While the head scarf is part and parcel of our African History, with different cultures wearing it in their own unique way, over the last few years, perhaps buoyed by the popularity of the natural hair movement, there has been a marked surge in its popularity, with a new generation of black woman embracing the look.

My headwrap is a fashion statement!A quick search on YouTube will show hundreds of pages of tutorials on how to tie the headwrap and if you wish to buy a head wrap, look no further than Instagram for fabulous brands that have made a business out of the headwrap; Knots_UK and Kubawraps are a couple of our favourites.

The images below were taken by Jodine Williams (ShotbyJo), a photographer who wanted to capture the beauty and tradition of the headwrap in her shoot. We think she succeeded!



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